WTing again, sorry for delay

Sorry for the big delay, it’s been crazy busy over here. I finished organizing my WT stuff and actually WTed some of it last weekend. I still have 8 boxes left of stuff to WT, of course.

I’ve decided to WT, check to see if it’s worth keeping, and release anything wild-caught or that I already have the moveset of. That has cut down on my stuff a lot. It took a long time to run through my current batch from last weekend but I did it.

Now for what I have left to WT. Let’s see if I get anything good!

I actually have this pesky Quilladin from last weekend that utterly refused to be WTed due to some error. Gonna try again and see if he goes this time or if I’m stuck with him.

…Nope, still won’t go. Message says “It seems there is a problem with the Pokémon.” Guess I’m keeping you, Peanut.

Okay, onto stuff that I know should WT easily!

Level 39 Azumarill named Prance from my evolve-them-all run in Y. …Got another Charmander, gaaah!

Another Azumarill. …A Magikarp, gdi! I got rid of so many of those last weekend!

A Japanese Mawile. …A Torkoal! Got a few of those but it’s nice to see something uncommon.

A bred Mawile that I already have one of. …An Alolan Grimer. I have maybe two of those, so that’s cool.

Another bred Mawile, exact same as the last but with a different ability. …A Zubat! Really? Again, something I have a ton of, gdi.

Another bred Mawile, exact same as the last two but Japanese. …A Roselia! That’s new! German too, sweet!

Here come the flood of local and foreign bred Honedges from X/Y WTing. Got 8 of them here to get rid of.

One. …Alolan Grimer again!

Two. …Lillipup! I can deal with that, even if I already have a few.

Three. …A Tauros! Cool!

Four. …A Fearow! Haven’t seen that in a while. Japanese too!

Five. …A Ledyba! Nothing special, got a Ledian already, but I can deal with that.

Six. …A Korean Carbink! Gaaaaah! CAAAAARBIIIIIIINK!! *flashback rage*

Seven. …Another Charmander! Gaaaah!

And eight, last one. …A Drowzee! That’s new, sweet. PokeDex entry~!

Now back to your regularly-scheduled WTing experience…until the next flood trade.

An Armaldo whose moveset I already have in my personal Armaldo. …An Alolan Raticate! I already have one but cool. And there’s a Paris in Mexico too? That’s where the kid I traded to listed they were from. WTF?

A bred Onix that I already have. …A Cubone! Already have quite a few of those, but oh well.

Another Onix, this one trained and partially HM-slaved. …A red Oricorio! I’ve got a bred one but I’m glad to see any non-yellow Oricorio.

A Geodude named the rock, no capitals, just “the rock” with a bunch of spaces after it. …An Alolan Meowth! I have a bunch of those already, gdi.

A Level 57 Golem whose moveset I already have in another Golem. …A Midnight Lycanroc! OMG I needed one of those! Yeeeeees! *celebration*

A Japanese Golem that I don’t need. …Another Litten!

Japanese Bidoof. …A Spanish Togedemaru! Cool!

Another Bidoof. …A Spanish Gible! So many!

WTed some stuff while I was doing stuff with family a bit ago, only 13 ‘mons. Only cool things I got were a Hakamo-o and a Japanese Fomantis. Eeee!

Now back to WTing here.

Alolan Exeggutor because I have one already. …A Gigalith! Holy! Really?? Italian too, sweet.

Spanish Fletchling because I’ve got enough of that line of ‘mons. …A Fletchling! Wow! Spanish Fletchling for a Japanese Fletchling, wtf?

Ducklett because I’ve got a better one that’s evolved. …A Wimpod! Bred too, it looks like. Sweet!

A bred Hawlucha because I have one with its move set. …A Snorlax! Level 1, though. Oh well.

Another bred Hawlucha. …A Horsea! Like I didn’t get rid of most of those last post.

A wild-caught Hawlucha. …A Spearow! Japanese one.

Last Hawlucha, a bred one. …A Gible! In a Beast Ball too. Wow.

Wild-caught Noctowl from X/Y WTing. …A Charmander! Please stop, I have too many still!

Pidgey because I’ve got better ones that are evolved. …A Mareanie! This is, what, my fifth one so far. Geez.

Another Pidgey. …A Klefki! Like I don’t have a good number of those too.

Wingull because I have better evolved ones. …A Shellder! Uncommon but cool.

ORAS-caught Wingull with Roost from my AS file. …A Cubone! Japanese too. Sweet.

Wild-caught Wingull. …A Caterpie! *disappointed whoop*

Bred Scyther because I have one with its move set. …A Fearow! Again?

Another bred Scyther, same reason as above. …A Morelull! I forgot that existed. Wow.

Wild-caught Chatot from X/Y. …A Wishiwashi! One of my Champion team ‘mons is a Wishiwashi. Oh, this one is foreign, cool.

Bred Roggenrola because I have better ones, evolved and unevolved. …An Alolan Vulpix! In a Beast Ball too. Seriously, I’ve never gotten an Alolan Sandshrew but lots of Alolan Vulpixes in WT. WTF?

Wild-caught Zubat. …A Gible! Okay, really, enough of those too please.

Wild-caught Golbat. …A Scyther! Again?

Another Golbat, this one bred and evolved. …A Salandit! Ten bucks says it’s male. Aaaaaaand it’s male. Called it.

Wild-caught Golbat. …A Japanese Magikarp! So many of these, omg.

Last wild-caught Golbat. …A Trumbeak! Japanese too, ooooh.

Japanese bred Cottonee, I’ve got a better one. …a Japanese Zubat. Wow.

Wild-caught Tentacruel. …A Fletchling! Really, please stop.

Wild-caught Finneon. …Another Wishwashi! Fish for fish, lol.

Malamar. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Another Malamar. …A Grubbin! Haven’t seen one of those in a while.

Miltank from my evolve-them-all run in Y, named Glinda. …A Salandit! Another male? Yep, another male. Wow.

Sunkern from my White 2 game. …An Electrike! Cool.

Bred Skorupi. …An Alolan Rattata! I have so many of those now, omg.

Bred Drapion. …A Pelipper! *disappointed whoop* Seriously, stop.

Joltik named Big-SPIDER. …A Surskit! In an Ultra Ball? WTF?

Bred Galvantula. …A Rockruff! Cool.

Seaking with an OT named Barrel King. …A Slowpoke! Its Moon Dex entry is so sad.

Bred Shinx with Fire Fang. …A Delibird! Really?

Luxray, got my awesome one from Platinum so this regular one is unneeded. …A Japanese Golduck! That’s new. Cool.

Bred Zorua. …A Phantump! New Dex entry. Cool. And…it instantly evolved into Trevenant, despite me pressing B a million times. This has happened before in WTing. GDI.

Wild-caught X/Y Zoroark. …A Chansey! Cool. Another new Dex entry.

Bred Zoroark. …An Eevee! So many of these too, omg.

Another bred Zoroark. …Another Eevee! Stop it please.

Wild-caught X/Y Zoroark, last one. …A Turtonator! Yes! I don’t have one yet! Yay! Wait. Its dung is explosive? WTF?

Bred Bunnelby. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Wild-caught X/Y Bunnelby. …A Chimchar! Cool. I’ve gotten maybe two before, so it’s nice.

French Bunnelby. …A Staryu! Cool.

Diggersby, got a better one. …An Alolan Vulpix! Chinese too.

Bred Buneary with Ice Punch, got a Lopunny with the elemental punches on it already so this one is unneeded. …A Fearow! Again? Gaaah.

Bred Buneary with Sweet Kiss. …A Fletchling! Stop please, gaaah.

Wild-caught Surskit from ORAS. …A Salamence! Holy crud! Yes! Japanese too. Looked and it’s an SOS Salamence, Level 11. Sweet!

Masquerain from ORAS. …A Wingull! Okay, really, just stop.

Nidorina from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Matriarch. …A Petilil! Not bad. Chinese too.

Cubone, one of four. …Another Alolan Vulpix!

Spanish Cubone. …Another Wingull!

Marowak from evolve-them-all run, named Brave. …A Pikipek! Japanese too, but I have a lot now. Gaaah!

Absol from my Emerald game, got better ones. …Another Magikarp! In a Beast ball!

Bred Gastly. …A Charjabug! Cool, new Dex entry.

Another bred Gasty. …Another Rockruff! If only them being from the opposite game was enough of a requirement to get their Lycanroc evo. 😦

Bred Haunter, somebody be getting a Gengar now. …A Sentret! Haven’t seen that in eternity, omg. Japanese too.

Bred Sableye. …Another Pikipek!

Bred Litwick. …A Minior! Another orange one, but still cool.

Medicham from my evolve-them-all Y run, named Bell. …A Gumshoos! Cool move set, Level 58. Named Suck my D. Wow, dude, thanks. *sarcasm* Another perfectly good ‘mon, ruined by a dick.

Granbull. …Another Alolan Vulpix!

Japanese Abra. …A Litwick! Cool. Just got rid of one, but cool.

Another Japanese Abra. …A Crabrawler!

German Abra. …A Mimikyu! Screw running into a wild one, WT is the way to go if you want one.

Abra, last one. …A Bulbasaur! At least it isn’t a Charmander.

Gogoat from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Billy. …A Roggenrola! Cool.

Bred Croagunk. …A Haunter! That is now a Gengar because screw cancelling evolution in WT. At least Gengar is cool.

Wild-caught Gulpin from ORAS. …Another Charmander!

Swalot from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Goop. …A Ledyba! Japanese too, cool.

Wild-caught Snorunt from evolve-them-all run in Y, named Snowball. …A Rowlet! Actually got two last weekend, both Japanese. This one is Japanese too. Cool.

Bred Spanish Snorunt. …Another Shellder!

Bred Italian Snorunt. …A Goldeen! That’s new. Cool.

Wild-caught Lickitung from X/Y. …A Japanese Kangaskhan! Something new. Yay!

Wild-caught Luvdisc. …A Dewpider! Level 1 and Japanese.

Bred Chinese Slowpoke. …Another Cubone!

Bred German Slowpoke. …A Salandit! Another male? Yep.

Bred Spanish Slowpoke. …Another Kangaskhan! Wow. Japanese again too.

French Skitty. …Another Alolan Grimer! Ugh.

Munna from my White game. …A Japanese Absol! Cool.

Audino from my White game. …A Japanese Murkrow! Also cool.

Bred Pangoro, have a better one. …Another Mimikyu! So many, gaah.

Bred Furfrou named 3455. …A Pumpkaboo! That will, sadly, become a Gourgeist thanks to B button failure. GDI.

French Pawniard. …Another Wingull!

Bisharp, evolved from wild-caught, named Pierce. …Another Magikarp! WTF? Seriously?

Wild-caught Kelfki from X/Y. …A Helioptile! Sweet. I love them. Japanese too.

I’ll do the rest later. Night!


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