Pizza Bones

Mom and I made breadsticks topped with parmesan last night. They weren’t very good in terms of breadsticks. Not the worst, but not the best.

Mom said they tasted like “pizza bones”.

I’ve never heard pizza crusts called that before. Am I just strange?


My Glasses Were On A Dead Person!!

So today was the family viewing of my great-grandma’s casket to make sure everything looked right. Adjusted her jewelry, fixed her hair, etc. She still looked a bit strange because her eyes were closed, she wasn’t smiling, her cheeks looked sunken, and all the life was gone. It was very spooky.

Her glasses didn’t look right on her either. It was her newest pair that nobody liked. Nana had packed away her other glasses, which I think they’ll try and unpack tonight once they find the box they’re in. Uncle Del bought a few glasses from the dollar store to see if he could replicate the pair we’re used to her wearing.

Unfortunately, the closest pair we had…are the pair I wear.

So my glasses got to be on great-grandma to check and see if my style was best, since it is the closest to her original pair. Yep, my glasses were on a dead person. For several minutes.

Yes, I’m wearing those exact same glasses right now. It’s creepy. Mom wanted me to burn my glasses (she was joking).

The funeral is tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll find a good pair of glasses for her. If not…might have to pop the lenses out of mine and bury GG with my frames. LOL


At 5:40AM this morning, my grandmother called us. GG had passed away.

At 6AM, mom and I were at my grandparents to help them. We ended up doing very little because mom was crying and ill and I was barely functioning due to sleep. We stayed until about fifteen minutes ago, 8AM, when the funeral home came to get GG.

Preparations are being made for the funeral. What a wonderful spring break this will be.

At least I’ll get to see my uncles and aunts again. I last saw them in October when my aunt died.

Goodbye, GG?

My great-grandmother, called GG by mom and I, was recently transferred from a nursing home to my grandparents’ house due to increased costs. GG had a caretaker to help my grandparents since they’re all old and GG has been having violent fits lately.

Today, I got a call from my grandfather saying that GG’s blood pressure dropped and she became unresponsive after becoming very sick a few days ago. She is under heavy medical care but the doctors say she may only have a few days left. A minister is coming to the house tomorrow.

At 4:30PM today, despite the stormy winter conditions, contacted work and my classes to inform them that I would not be present on campus at all tomorrow. I needed to go home and make sure my mother, who was extremely attached to GG, was okay. That’s where I am now.

Tomorrow we head to my grandparents’ with my brother (and probably his girlfriend) to see GG for what may be the last time.

Gone again, huh?

So, last year around this time, Jo left for Florida during his midlife crisis episode for roughly a month.

He’s done it again this year, only it’s due to his family rather than a midlife crisis. They’re taking a three-week-long vacation and Jo decided to go with them. He and mom fought a bunch before mom finally told him to just go on Sunday.

As of Monday, he headed for Florida. I’ve heard nothing from him except what mom has passed along.

Apparently a tornado tore through a place they stayed overnight. It ripped the roof off of their hotel. They were fine, of course. That was on Tuesday, I believe.

I’m currently juggling school and helping mom. She’s been stressed but we’re keeping ourselves busy. Watched a few movies and completed a giant puzzle that we’ve been working on on-and-off for two weeks now.

Hoping things stay positive here.