Gone again, huh?

So, last year around this time, Jo left for Florida during his midlife crisis episode for roughly a month.

He’s done it again this year, only it’s due to his family rather than a midlife crisis. They’re taking a three-week-long vacation and Jo decided to go with them. He and mom fought a bunch before mom finally told him to just go on Sunday.

As of Monday, he headed for Florida. I’ve heard nothing from him except what mom has passed along.

Apparently a tornado tore through a place they stayed overnight. It ripped the roof off of their hotel. They were fine, of course. That was on Tuesday, I believe.

I’m currently juggling school and helping mom. She’s been stressed but we’re keeping ourselves busy. Watched a few movies and completed a giant puzzle that we’ve been working on on-and-off for two weeks now.

Hoping things stay positive here.


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