Goodbye, GG?

My great-grandmother, called GG by mom and I, was recently transferred from a nursing home to my grandparents’ house due to increased costs. GG had a caretaker to help my grandparents since they’re all old and GG has been having violent fits lately.

Today, I got a call from my grandfather saying that GG’s blood pressure dropped and she became unresponsive after becoming very sick a few days ago. She is under heavy medical care but the doctors say she may only have a few days left. A minister is coming to the house tomorrow.

At 4:30PM today, despite the stormy winter conditions, contacted work and my classes to inform them that I would not be present on campus at all tomorrow. I needed to go home and make sure my mother, who was extremely attached to GG, was okay. That’s where I am now.

Tomorrow we head to my grandparents’ with my brother (and probably his girlfriend) to see GG for what may be the last time.


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