Minus: Kanto 8

Into Team Rocket’s base we go!

Savage (Mankey) finally grows to Level 28 and evolves on B2 floor after fighting the first grunt on that floor. Yay!

The second grunt in the maze got beaten by Cleo (Nidoqueen). His Raticate was knocked down to the red by Double Kick and then he got poisoned by Cleo’s ability when he used Hyper Fang on her. He knocked himself out that turn from poison. Cleo grew to Level 25 from that battle.

I finally get the Lift Key. After this, I heal my ‘mons for safety. Time to go through the other spin pad maze here on B2F. Now up the stairs to take on two more grunts. Cleo defeats the first one, poisoning both Raticate when they used Quick Attack on her. Torch took down the other grunt and is so close to Level 34!

Back down the stairs and over to the lift to hit B1. Torch defeats the grunt in front of the elevator, hits Level 34, and finally gets Flamethrower. No more Ember here! Off to heal since we’re close to the boss.

Back to the elevator, off to B4 now.  Last two guys before meeting the boss. The guy on the left seems to know us from Mt. Moon, interesting. These guys both use Ground and Poison-types, so Speckle and Torch defeat them. Speckle becomes Level 28. The boss doors open.

Time to fight Team Rocket boss Giovanni. I lead off with Speckle due to his Rock/Ground-type preference. Speckle becomes Level 29 after beating his Rhyhorn. I use Cleo on Kangaskhan up until it uses three Tail Whips on me, then I put in Savage to defeat it with low Kick. Cleo becomes Level 26. Once Giovanni flees, I grab the Silph Scope.

I leave, heal, and then head back to the Game Corner. All the way to the right, past the cut tree, there is a hidden PP Up in the right-hand upper corner.

Now we go to Route 16, ignore the Snorlax, and go past the cut tree above us. Sandy and Zapper defeat the couple in this area, though it’s a bit challenging to do. Sandy grows to Level 26 afterward. I pass through the house, enter the small house on the other end, and get HM02 Fly. Too bad I can’t use Fly yet.

Back to Celadon City, then through the Underground Path to Lavender Town. Next time, we’ll be taking on Pokémon Tower!


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