Minus: Kanto 9

In-game play time is 11 hours 52 minutes. My team currently is Zapper the Level 26 Jolteon, Sandy the Level 26 Sandslash, Cleo the Level 26 Nidoqueen, Savage the Level 28 Primeape, Speckle the Level 29 Parasect, and Torch the Level 34 Charmeleon. We’re in Lavender Town, about to enter Pokémon Tower now that we have the Silph Scope.

Still weirded out by the fact of death being addressed in this game.

First floor is easy, just walk through and go upstairs. My rival, Blue, will be waiting on the second floor to fight. Got Zapper out front for him. The fact that he notes our Pokémon aren’t dead but he can still faint them is creepy, to be honest. Maybe that’s just me.

Zapper OHKOs Blue’s Pidgeotto with Shock Wave. Sandy knocks Blue’s Growlithe down to 1HP with Dig and gets burned by Ember afterward. Scratch finishes the Growlithe off. Blue’s Wartortle bites Speckle and falls asleep on turn one thanks to Effect Spore, lol. Bullet Seed over three turns takes it down while it sleeps. Torch’s Flamethrower OHKOs Blue’s Exeggcute and Kadabra. Yay!

Blue takes off after that, declaring there probably aren’t any Marowak left after he caught a Cubone. Mean.

There’s nothing left on this floor, so it’s time to go upstairs. This is where we’ll start encountering Gastly and Haunter, as well as Cubone. Think I may try to catch a Gastly because I really like Gengar. Since the trainers here have Ghost-types, I’ll just keep Torch up front and burn them all with Flamethrower until he evolves, if possible.

Onto 3F!

I heal Sandy with a Burn Heal just because I don’t want to deal with that. Now to fight all the Gastly-owning Channelers here. Torch becomes Level 35 after the first Channeler. All of these guys are OHKOs with Flamethrower, lol.

Onto 4F!

All the wild Gastly are really weak. I doubt I can catch one without OHKOing it. Awww! Oh well. More OHKOs on the Channelers. This is easy. Torch is almost to Level 36 now.

Onto 5F!

All of these Channelers are either possessed or scared out of their minds of this place. OMG, a heal spot! Yes, I needed this for Flamethrower PP! Thank you, brave Channeler!

Next Channeler gets Torch to evolve into a Charizard at long last. RIP ghosts. Toss out Smokescreen for Wing Attack. As if Grass-types weren’t screwed over enough by Torch already!

I switch Zapper out front so he can level up now. He needs the extra strength as one of the weakest in my party now that can hit these guys. Zapper can OHKO these guys with Shock Wave. Levels up to 27 on the first fight.

Oh, one of these Channelers thinks I’m not a ghost but…a zombie? lol

Onto 6F!

This first Channeler wants blood, eep! No thanks! Zapper OHKOs all of the Gastly here, as usual, and gets to Level 28.

I head back down to the healing circle and come back to deal with the ghost Marowak, Speckle out front due to type advantages. I switch to Cleo midway through when damage lessens and takes it down with a bunch of Double Kicks. RIP Marowak mom.

On my way back to the healing circle, I get jumped by a female Level 21 Haunter that survives Shock Wave! She breaks out of my first Great Ball but I catch her with the second. While I would have liked a male, this could do. I name her Dusk and send her to the PC for possible later usage.

Back to healing circle. I run into two Cubones in a row there, though I have no need of them since I have Sandy.

Up to 7F to deal with Team Rocket!

Zapper is back out front for the first grunt’s Zubats. He OHKOs these with Shock Wave. He also OHKOs the guy’s Golbat. That’s my boy, Zapper!

I put Sandy up front for the second grunt, forgetting that Koffing has Levitate. The grunt is trying to act civil, lol. Sandy gets poisoned with Smog, so I send Torch in to beat the Koffing. Torch gets poisoned too but he OHKOs the Koffing with Flamethrower. I send Speckle in to take out the Drowzee afterward.

Zapper is back up front for the third grunt. Zapper grows to Level 29. Switch to Savage for the Rattata and Raticate so she gets some EXP too. OHKOs all around.

Congrats, we’ve saved Mr. Fuji! He’ll reward us with a PokeFlute, which we can use on the two Snorlax blocking off parts of the map. I visit the PokeMart and buy 4 Antidotes, 12 Super Potions, and 20 Great Balls.

Now to run back to where we got the Fly HM on Route 16, west of Celadon City. I’m going to head to Fuchsia City first, rather than go straight to Saffron City. This, of course, requires waking up a Snorlax.

I put Savage up front because her Fighting-type moves will be much more effective against the Snorlax than Cleo’s will be. Catching this guy isn’t a high priority since there’s another one, as well as the mandatory one in X/Y. Low Kick knocks it down to a few HP. I KO this one with Karate Chop and Savage grows to Level 29.

Going through the gateway puts me on Route 16, Cycling Road. In-game time is 13 hours, 19 minutes. Next time we’ll deal with all the bikers here.


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