End of Semester Update Junk

Lots of things have been happening since my first IRL post.

For one thing, Jo returned from his getaway to Florida. A lot of awful things happened while he was away, plenty of drama, but we hope it’s fixed now. We being mom and I. But plans are being made in case things go south again. This summer will be 50% play, 50% work for both mom and I, which is a drastic difference from our usual summers since I hit high school.

The end of spring semester at my school is coming. I just got done with the last few exams (three in a row!) before finals begin next Friday. Got three finals and one final paper to do once finals week hits. After that, I’m free.

On Thursday, Jo took mom on vacation, something that was LONG OVERDUE before he decided to runaway to Florida in February. It was last second and he had to deal with passport issues because he let his expire while he was away. Keeping Skype updates with mom currently because phones won’t work between here and Mexico where she is, but the vacation looks to be going good so far. Yay for mom!

Apparently this morning, my brother’s hamster had babies. The hamster he got (I think) a few weeks ago. Hoping he can keep those little babies alive. The closest he came to baby care was puppies and kittens. I cared for our baby pet rats back in elementary school because he was scared of hurting them. Wishing him the best with the hamsters.

Hoping to get back to writing in this soon beyond just gaming posts. Not that those aren’t fun. I just want to do more than that.


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