Trip for the 4th

This summer has been so bumpy, it’s not even funny. Between a few more deaths (RIP great-uncle Knute and my ferret Smore), a new family member (baby ferret Whisper), and family tension from almost all sides, it’s been a mess. I’ve been meaning to get back to this for weeks now but haven’t gotten around to it until now.

I meant to start yesterday, to try for a semi-daily blog, but we went bowling last night and got back late. I got two strikes! And I was second place in score. Mom beat me but we both beat Jo, so yay!

But anyway, guess I’m starting today for this. Hopefully it’ll last…

Leaving at noon today for a two-and-a-half-day trip for the Fourth of July. Haven’t really gone on any trips since Aunt Terry’s funeral back in October. Obviously, that wasn’t a trip for fun. But this one is, even if we aren’t leaving the state this time!

But yeah, just wanted to brush the dust from this place and try to revive it. Hoping to update most days, if not daily, starting today. Just with mundane things that happen around the house. Such as:

  • Yesterday the biggest pumpkin flower ever bloomed in the garden. Mom is in love and snapped so many pictures of it.
  • We have a giant raccoon climbing onto the porch now. Saw him three days ago. He trampled mom’s flowers by the fire pit. He’s now known as “mom’s striped dog” since our dogs died two summers back.

Stuff like that. Hoping it’ll be fun.

See you next time!