Talked to Bro

I’ve finally gotten to speak to my brother since we brought him home from his accident. He called me this afternoon to attempt to schedule us going to see a movie next week. He’s doing okay, just feeling tired. He’s got a full neck-back brace combo now, so I guess that indeed happened.

He feels bad that he hasn’t been able to see or contacted me since the start of the month. I’m hoping this movie plan goes through successfully. I really miss him and want to be sure that he’s okay.

We’ll probably go see The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Not my kind of movie but the trailer is funny and mom really wants to see it.


Dead Fish

So I went to Diamond Point Park to swing and walk around. I saw dead fish in the grass near the lake. One was just a tail, the other was mutilated.

I’ve seen this every year after college begins. Dead fish strewn inland, torn apart and left in the grass. Maybe it’s the eagles doing it. I’m hoping it’s not anyone irresponsible.

But the dead fish saga lives on…


Another peaceful class day. I’m enjoying this week. No work and half my days only have one 2-hour class.

I’ve been approved for work this semester. That starts next week, Monday through Thursday, 3 hours a day. It’ll be nice to get a paycheck again. lol

I’m trying to play more games now that I’ve got structure with school. Trying not to drop the ball on class readings in the process, of course!

I’ve started up Ever Oasis and that’s been fun. I’m jumping back into Flight Rising, getting my clan of Fae dragons back in shape and working on leveling them up in the Coliseum. Dragon Cave is going on as normal. My next batch of eggs hatch tomorrow at midnight-ish.

Hoping this weekend is drama-free…


Another easy, peaceful day of class intros. Electronic Rhetoric has me on my first assignment: to make a Wiki name page to introduce myself. Not hard after Weblogs and Wikis. That should be done either tonight or tomorrow.

I came back from a walk through Diamond Point. A bald eagle flew out of a tree above me. That’s the fourth or fifth up-close one I’ve seen in Diamond Point in the last three years. That’s pretty cool.

Update…because it’s needed

So, yeah. Haven’t been here in a while. So much for daily updates, huh? Oops. A lot happened in the last month of summer.

Biggest thing–my brother got into a rollover accident in his truck at the start of August. We don’t know all the details of how it happened but we know his neighbors saw the rollover and their daughter was walking her dog on that road. Washboard gravel road, mind you. We think my brother saw her as he reached the bend, over-corrected to avoid her, and wound up rolling into the ditch. He was flung at least ten feet out the driver’s side window. He had a concussion and multiple fractures in his face, neck, and back. He was care-flighted to Fargo and stayed there two days before he was released.

The Fargo Sanford hospital is awful. When we got to Fargo, he had already been there for two hours. He was still bloody, he was deemed non-critical, and no doctors had come to see him beyond sticking an IV in his arm. By the time a nurse arrived half an hour later, we (mom, me, bro’s girlfriend and her two friends) had already partly cleaned him up.

Because he was non-critical, they weren’t going to have him CAT-scanned until 10AM that morning. This was just past midnight and the hospital, two weeks old currently from what I kept hearing, was absolutely dead. My mother blew a gasket and got him the CAT-scan at 3AM instead.

Around 2-3PM that day, a guy from labs came in to take blood. He poked five holes in my brother’s arm, unable to get into a vein. He claimed my brother’s veins were rolling. My brother is 23 years old, too young to have veins rolling. My mother told him to take two small vials from my brother’s fingers and then get out. My brother is not a pincushion, thank you.

The trauma team was wishy-washy and in consistent about my brother’s diagnosis. Multiple times, they said he would need heavy surgery due to the damage to his back. Then they’d rescind it because they could not discern from the X-rays they had already taken. The only competent people in that whole hospital was the neurosurgeon and the facial reconstruction surgeon, both of whom didn’t treat us like toddlers. My mother worked in nursing and both my brother’s girlfriend and one of her friends are CNAs. For the most part, we understood what the doctors told us and fought off any bull the trauma team spewed.

So far, my brother has not needed surgery. He was left in a neck brace due to his neck fractures when we left Fargo. He only has one narcotic drug and our doctor recommended only taking it if he was in severe pain due to my family’s history of addiction. My brother smokes and drinks and, though a CNA, his girlfriend is rather incompetent. She demanded all of his drugs once he saw our doctor and my mother gave them to her, though I have been worried about it since.

As of yesterday, my brother returned to Fargo to get checked out again. They are recommending he be put in a full back brace for three months due to “crushed vertebrae”. If his vertebrae were crushed, he wouldn’t have been able to walk, if I understand right. I’d call bull…but I wasn’t present for that meeting. I can only hope his girlfriend doesn’t screw him over with this.

I’ve thought and worried about my brother a lot this month. I haven’t seen him since we got him home. He and mom fight a lot online due to care arrangements and medication. They try to keep me out of it…but mom vents and I find out anyways. It’s a nasty cycle.

On Saturday, I finally saw my grandparents for the first time since early June. They had seen my brother and his truck. We chatted over dinner at the Super Buffet. Mom came with. She and my grandparents have a big rift and she didn’t want them pumping me for info. It’s like walking on eggshells, trying to keep everyone in my family happy and not stress myself to death…

School started today. Completing my Psychology minor and my Electronic Writing certificate. The plan is to graduate this coming spring. No clue yet if I’ll pursue graduate school or not. Debt is building and I’m still struggling with driving. Bro’s rollover didn’t help in that department.

This first total solar eclipse over the USA in my lifetime was today. I’d have only seen a partial eclipse in my area…but it was cloudy and became stormy after 6PM, so I saw nothing. But my friends over Skype and Discord sent plenty of photos of what they saw, plus NASA had the livestream of it. It was cool. Wish I could’ve seen it in person.

Hoping to update this more now that school will give me more schedule structure. We’ll see how long that lasts. Heheh.

Minus: Kanto 10

Been a while but here we are again with Pokémon LeafGreen for Minus’ run.

In-game time is 13 hours 20 minutes. The team consists of Sandy the Level 6 Sandslash, Cleo the Level 26 Nidoqueen, Savage the Level 29 Primeape, Zapper the Level 29 Jolteon, Speckle the Level 29 Parasect, and Torch the Level 36 Charizard. We’re on Route 16, heading toward Fuchsia City down Cycling Road.

Now to fight a bunch of Bikers and Cue Balls.

I’ve got Zapper up front for the first guy so he can get more experience. He has trouble with the Grimer but he can OHKO the Koffing just fine, so yay!

Torch is up front for the Cue Ball with all the Fighting-types. OHKO with Wing Attack. Same for the next guy, who has more Fighting-types. Almost to Level 37!

The next two guys have Koffings and Weezings. I forgot to put Zapper at the head of my party, so I start with Torch. I switch to Zapper, who is not doing so well with the Weezing. Shock Wave only does 1/3 of its health per blow. Weezing faints Zapper in two blows, so Torch finishes it off for us and becomes Level 37. To the Pokémon Center to heal Zapper so he can grow.

After healing, back to Cycling Road to deal with the other Biker with Koffings/Weezings. Zapper is up front now. Weezings may be too much for Zapper, so I’ll switch him out for Torch during those. Flamethrower seems to OHKO them. Zappr gets poisoned by Koffing’s Sludge, which I heal after the battle. Zapper becomes Level 30 and learns Double Kick, replacing Growl.

The last Cue Ball has Fighting-types, so back to Torch for that one. More OHKOs with Wing Attack.

Now to zip down the steep hill to Route 17. There are trainers here that I will battle for EXP. More Fighting and Poison-types here, so Torch and Zapper will be the stars again. There is tall grass but nothing of interest here for me to catch.

First Biker has Weezings. Torch is up front to take those down. He has a Koffing, so I use Zapper on that. Torch grows to Level 38.

The next guy has Fighting-types. Easy kills by Torch. Torch grows to Level 39.

The path splits in two here. I’ll go down the left fork first.

The first guy has a Muk that takes two Flamethrowers to defeat. Yikes! Another split in the path where I go left again. A Cue Ball with four Fighting-types is taken out by Torch. So many Wing Attack OHKOs! Down past where the paths rejoin is another Biker with a Weezing and a Muk that Torch takes out with Flamethrower. Torch grows to Level 40 during this battle.

Now I bike back up to where the paths rejoined and head up that way to catch the trainers I missed.

The first Biker has two Voltorb. I switch from Torch to Sandy to defeat them with Dig. It’s an OHKO each time and she becomes Level 27. Yay! But Sandy gets hit with Sonic Boom before each Dig, so she’s down to half health. I heal her before carrying on.

Torch takes out the next two on the path. They both have Fighting-types, so it’s another OHKO fest for Torch. The paths converge, so I’m back to heading down.

One last Biker at the bottom with a ton of Weezing and Koffing. Zapper finally gets some action! Everything is Level 25, so I let Zapper stay out for the Shock Wave wins. OHKO for Koffing, 2HKO for Weezing. Torch grew to Level 41 here while Zapper grew to Level 31. Zapper was poisoned by the last Weezing, so he gets healed here.

Now to go south into Route 18. There are a few trainers here. They all have Flying-types, so Zapper gets the EXP here. Zapper grows to Level 32 and Level 33 here. The Dodrio is the only one not to be OHKOed by Shock Wave, though only by a bit.

Now we’re in Fuchsia City! Woot woot!