Deer Giving Birth

Just a few minutes ago, I watched a white-tailed deer give birth.

I was filling the deer feeder in our back yard and throwing out the extra veggies from mom’s pasta salad. I happened to look up and saw a doe giving birth just past the tree line in front of me. I never realized how tiny fawns are when they’re first born!

Of course, momma saw me and bolted a few feet away once her baby was born. I stayed still for a few minutes so she’d come back. The baby was wobbling and trying to stand that whole time. Once she came back, they both headed into the trees. Only when I couldn’t see them anymore, did I finally move again.

I’ve never seen that before.


Graduation at last

Today at 2pm US CST, I graduated from college. I sat through a two hour graduation ceremony that ran much like a funeral does. 90% advertising things about the school that nobody honestly cared about and 10% actually graduating us.

So now I get to finish moving out of my dorm room tomorrow. And then I get to relax for the weekend.

And then I must adult.

Not looking forward to that.