More club fliers for Capstone

This is the last of the club fliers that I’ll be using for my Electronic Writing Capstone project.


I’ll be back with a regular post for you shortly. Thanks!


Theme decision for blogs

I’ve decided that I really love the look and format for the Independent Publisher theme. Primarily because it has a word count attached to it, which helps with my project to keep my posts to a minimum of 500 words each.

So I’ve switched the themes of both my FR Nuzlocke blog and my Reading Notes project blog to this theme as it is the most helpful to me right now.

Also, off to tweak my project proposal criteria a bit. I’ve flipped through both books that I’m beginning with this week and there’s no way I’m churning out 500 words per chapter unless I’m effectively reciting everything in said chapter. So I’ll give myself a better buffer and chug out a 500+ word post for every 3-5 chapters that I read, depending on chapter page number amounts and such.

Wondering if this challenge would be better for my project proposal?

Decided to do a challenge on Flight Rising and made a blog for it: Nuzlocke Challenge blog

Since this will be more focused and relatively daily, I’m thinking this might be a more interesting and better project proposal. Though I’m worried people might not understand it since it’s on a browser game that not everyone knows about.

I won’t really know until I get started on it, though. So I’ll stick with the reading notes for now. If things don’t work out there, maybe I’ll switch over to this. I’ll just keep both blogs going as long as I can and see where it takes me.

So yeah, this is something else I’ll be doing starting March 7th. Interested in seeing my hopefully daily reports, stocked with screen-captured images, on the heart-wrenching trials my poor dragons will need to go through to survive? Then check out the above blog! Already got my rough rule list, taken heavily from FR user Tar’s original rules, posted.


Can weblogs and wikis be merged?

This is my blog post in response to this post by Mike Caulfield.

I personally think it is better for weblogs and wikis to remain separate entities on the web. They’re very much polar opposites and, while not impossible, I find it hard to imagine a good way for them to merge that doesn’t debunk the properties that make each of them unique. While the concept of collaboration could work well between them, a full-on merge seems very hard for me to picture.

A weblog, depending on how the owner formats and uses it, tends to be a very personal thing. Personal voice plays a big part in it. It works by adding new pages and thus new information or insights into the blog. If you take out these things, you destroy what makes a weblog a weblog.

A wiki is a continually-growing volume on knowledge about whatever subjects said wiki is about. Not only are new pages added but old ones are reformatted and added to. Personal voice in nonexistent, stating facts and figures and valuable information on the subject with as little bias as possible. If you take out these things, you destroy what makes a wiki a wiki.

Wikis and weblogs are polar opposites in terms of their format and values. Personal voices versus factual bias-less knowledge. New pages versus old pages. To remove these different factors would destroy key parts of these different internet functions.

Again, I could possibly see a collaboration between the two working out, once certain kinks that differentiate them are decided upon. A complete merging of them, unless I’m missing something crucial, seems very unlikely to me to be successful. Not impossible, just difficult to image and, if I’m right, just as difficult to put into action.

This is just my view on it, though. Not looking to state what’s right or wrong, just putting out my opinion on it.

Weekly Reflection

Better churn this out before the week ends.

As anyone reading knows, my mom went on vacation last weekend so I’ve been stressed out during the week about leaving my younger brother in the house. Good news, the house is in one piece and nothing died. Mom returned safely and everything is good. Yay!

The WikiName assignment this week wasn’t too bad. I had planned to finish the third article this weekend but personal stuff got in the way. At least I got two of the three done, roughly. Citing all the sources I used was kinda hard since I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the articles but it had to be done. Somebody else with more refactoring experience will probably come along to clean that up properly one day. We’ll see.

CollaborativeWriting was easy to do since I have done that myself. Surprising, there isn’t many articles that I found (that the original page writer hadn’t already used) on collab writing. Makes one curious.

WritingIsLearning was difficult. I tried research first, which kept scoring me articles on Writing-to-Learn, which I was unsure of. I thought it may be applicable and, since the page itself was blank, tossed that and my own thoughts on the process of writing in learning on there. My first threadmode, definitely. Hoping I didn’t mess up the point of the page altogether.

Overall, not very hard of an assignment but it made me think and have to dig, both online and in myself. Not a pleasant experience but I did what I could with what time I had. Oh well…

2 Wiki Pages Done, Kinda?

I just went and did two pages in the wiki just now. I added information to CollaborativeWriting and jumpstarted the blank page WritingIsLearning. The links to both pages are in my WikiName page under Assignments.

I feel confident about CollaborativeWriting contributions but I’m really iffy on WritingIsLearning. I found more about Writing-to-Learn than anything with that. I’ll probably go back and work more on that page later. For now, I’m satisfied that I made myself jumpstart that assignment before the weekend started. Yay!