Rambling about one of my stories

Well, I said I’d try talking about one of the stories I’m trying to work on in my next post. Here’s the next post, so I guess here’s the promised ramble.

It was spawned by a weird thought I had one day when I was working on a fanfiction project with a friend. In the light spectrum, all colors mixed together become white. But in paint mixing, all colors mixed together turn into a very dark color usually called mud. Somehow this was spawned.

Spectrum City is the last place on the planet where various colors (think of people but they’re each an individual color in the known color spectrum, like green or blue or whatever) can live safely. The rest of the world has been engulfed in black, making it unlivable outside of the city. Spectrum City is ruled by Mr. Black, the only known Black and the one that managed to take over the world by implementing a paint-mixing-esque kind of government.

The various people of this world can “mix” together to create new colors of people, thus adding to diversity. With the paint-mixing government in place, there is a newfound risk to those that mix together–if too many mix, they risk becoming a Mud, which is a failed mix and not really considered a person. Muds are generally collected by Mr. Black to protect the citizens of Spectrum City since Muds tends to absorb other colors near them and are very dangerous to anyone that isn’t Mr. Black.

Mr. Black may have taken over the world and made Spectrum City the only livable place on the planet, but he is not cruel. He tracks down Muds and protects his citizens from them. The Muds recognize that Mr. Black can kill them and generally submit to capture when he appears. Mr. Black lives high up in a tower at the center of the city and keeps track of everyone within the city’s limits.

But being a Black has its price. Mr. Black was created long ago by a mass mixing of hundreds of different colors. He needs to continue absorbing colors if he doesn’t want to fade into a Mud himself. So he’ll call for colors to visit him every once in a while…and eat them. This allows him to remain a Black. No colors dare to disobey Mr. Black. Without him sparing Spectrum City, there would be nothing but black covering the world.

There is one thing that Mr. Black is afraid of. If a White, rare anomalies from careless mixing of colors, were to absorb enough colors to be able to stand against him, Mr. Black risks being reduced to nothing and his government would crumble from paint-mixing to light-mixing. Light-mixing is when all colors combined become white light rather than black, as it would in successful paint-mixing.

So Mr. Black hunts Whites and snuffs them out before they become a threat to him. He cannot absorb them like he can other colors because a White would make him fade, so he corrupts them with a partial-mix and either turns them into a Gray or a Mud, preferably the latter because Mr. Black can control Muds, not Grays.

One day, a White is born in Spectrum City from a mix. Mr. Black goes to destroy them. He turns them into a Gray and casts them into the Gray sector, basically equivalent to slums. The former White absorbs all of the Grays and becomes a White once more due to light-mixing (still figuring this bit out). The White then goes through Spectrum City, trying to find other colors in the various sectors to mix with him so that he can stand up to Mr. Black. Mr. Black sends Muds after him to slow his progress and try to corrupt him. Thus ensues the battle between Mr. Black and a lone White that just won’t die like a good White should.

Beyond Mr. Black, none of the characters really have names beyond their color. I have a bunch of ideas bouncing around for this one. The process of color-mixing and colors in general has always been an interesting concept/theme for me and I’ve trued to write multiple stories, fanfiction and original, revolving around a theme like that. I’m hoping this will be the one I can actually complete one day.

My only issue with this idea is that I have to kill any racial connotations and such that will pop into my head as I write about Mr. Black and the White. It’s difficult because I can see it but others may not. Or if they do, I really don’t want them to. It could just be a weird thing for me to worry about but I do. Still working on killing that in my head as I try to write this story.

So there, one of my story ideas. It gets worked on between other projects (I have too many). Will it get done? I’m hoping so. We’ll see.