Minus: Kanto 10

Been a while but here we are again with Pokémon LeafGreen for Minus’ run.

In-game time is 13 hours 20 minutes. The team consists of Sandy the Level 6 Sandslash, Cleo the Level 26 Nidoqueen, Savage the Level 29 Primeape, Zapper the Level 29 Jolteon, Speckle the Level 29 Parasect, and Torch the Level 36 Charizard. We’re on Route 16, heading toward Fuchsia City down Cycling Road.

Now to fight a bunch of Bikers and Cue Balls.

I’ve got Zapper up front for the first guy so he can get more experience. He has trouble with the Grimer but he can OHKO the Koffing just fine, so yay!

Torch is up front for the Cue Ball with all the Fighting-types. OHKO with Wing Attack. Same for the next guy, who has more Fighting-types. Almost to Level 37!

The next two guys have Koffings and Weezings. I forgot to put Zapper at the head of my party, so I start with Torch. I switch to Zapper, who is not doing so well with the Weezing. Shock Wave only does 1/3 of its health per blow. Weezing faints Zapper in two blows, so Torch finishes it off for us and becomes Level 37. To the Pokémon Center to heal Zapper so he can grow.

After healing, back to Cycling Road to deal with the other Biker with Koffings/Weezings. Zapper is up front now. Weezings may be too much for Zapper, so I’ll switch him out for Torch during those. Flamethrower seems to OHKO them. Zappr gets poisoned by Koffing’s Sludge, which I heal after the battle. Zapper becomes Level 30 and learns Double Kick, replacing Growl.

The last Cue Ball has Fighting-types, so back to Torch for that one. More OHKOs with Wing Attack.

Now to zip down the steep hill to Route 17. There are trainers here that I will battle for EXP. More Fighting and Poison-types here, so Torch and Zapper will be the stars again. There is tall grass but nothing of interest here for me to catch.

First Biker has Weezings. Torch is up front to take those down. He has a Koffing, so I use Zapper on that. Torch grows to Level 38.

The next guy has Fighting-types. Easy kills by Torch. Torch grows to Level 39.

The path splits in two here. I’ll go down the left fork first.

The first guy has a Muk that takes two Flamethrowers to defeat. Yikes! Another split in the path where I go left again. A Cue Ball with four Fighting-types is taken out by Torch. So many Wing Attack OHKOs! Down past where the paths rejoin is another Biker with a Weezing and a Muk that Torch takes out with Flamethrower. Torch grows to Level 40 during this battle.

Now I bike back up to where the paths rejoined and head up that way to catch the trainers I missed.

The first Biker has two Voltorb. I switch from Torch to Sandy to defeat them with Dig. It’s an OHKO each time and she becomes Level 27. Yay! But Sandy gets hit with Sonic Boom before each Dig, so she’s down to half health. I heal her before carrying on.

Torch takes out the next two on the path. They both have Fighting-types, so it’s another OHKO fest for Torch. The paths converge, so I’m back to heading down.

One last Biker at the bottom with a ton of Weezing and Koffing. Zapper finally gets some action! Everything is Level 25, so I let Zapper stay out for the Shock Wave wins. OHKO for Koffing, 2HKO for Weezing. Torch grew to Level 41 here while Zapper grew to Level 31. Zapper was poisoned by the last Weezing, so he gets healed here.

Now to go south into Route 18. There are a few trainers here. They all have Flying-types, so Zapper gets the EXP here. Zapper grows to Level 32 and Level 33 here. The Dodrio is the only one not to be OHKOed by Shock Wave, though only by a bit.

Now we’re in Fuchsia City! Woot woot!


Minus: Kanto 9

In-game play time is 11 hours 52 minutes. My team currently is Zapper the Level 26 Jolteon, Sandy the Level 26 Sandslash, Cleo the Level 26 Nidoqueen, Savage the Level 28 Primeape, Speckle the Level 29 Parasect, and Torch the Level 34 Charmeleon. We’re in Lavender Town, about to enter Pokémon Tower now that we have the Silph Scope.

Still weirded out by the fact of death being addressed in this game.

First floor is easy, just walk through and go upstairs. My rival, Blue, will be waiting on the second floor to fight. Got Zapper out front for him. The fact that he notes our Pokémon aren’t dead but he can still faint them is creepy, to be honest. Maybe that’s just me.

Zapper OHKOs Blue’s Pidgeotto with Shock Wave. Sandy knocks Blue’s Growlithe down to 1HP with Dig and gets burned by Ember afterward. Scratch finishes the Growlithe off. Blue’s Wartortle bites Speckle and falls asleep on turn one thanks to Effect Spore, lol. Bullet Seed over three turns takes it down while it sleeps. Torch’s Flamethrower OHKOs Blue’s Exeggcute and Kadabra. Yay!

Blue takes off after that, declaring there probably aren’t any Marowak left after he caught a Cubone. Mean.

There’s nothing left on this floor, so it’s time to go upstairs. This is where we’ll start encountering Gastly and Haunter, as well as Cubone. Think I may try to catch a Gastly because I really like Gengar. Since the trainers here have Ghost-types, I’ll just keep Torch up front and burn them all with Flamethrower until he evolves, if possible.

Onto 3F!

I heal Sandy with a Burn Heal just because I don’t want to deal with that. Now to fight all the Gastly-owning Channelers here. Torch becomes Level 35 after the first Channeler. All of these guys are OHKOs with Flamethrower, lol.

Onto 4F!

All the wild Gastly are really weak. I doubt I can catch one without OHKOing it. Awww! Oh well. More OHKOs on the Channelers. This is easy. Torch is almost to Level 36 now.

Onto 5F!

All of these Channelers are either possessed or scared out of their minds of this place. OMG, a heal spot! Yes, I needed this for Flamethrower PP! Thank you, brave Channeler!

Next Channeler gets Torch to evolve into a Charizard at long last. RIP ghosts. Toss out Smokescreen for Wing Attack. As if Grass-types weren’t screwed over enough by Torch already!

I switch Zapper out front so he can level up now. He needs the extra strength as one of the weakest in my party now that can hit these guys. Zapper can OHKO these guys with Shock Wave. Levels up to 27 on the first fight.

Oh, one of these Channelers thinks I’m not a ghost but…a zombie? lol

Onto 6F!

This first Channeler wants blood, eep! No thanks! Zapper OHKOs all of the Gastly here, as usual, and gets to Level 28.

I head back down to the healing circle and come back to deal with the ghost Marowak, Speckle out front due to type advantages. I switch to Cleo midway through when damage lessens and takes it down with a bunch of Double Kicks. RIP Marowak mom.

On my way back to the healing circle, I get jumped by a female Level 21 Haunter that survives Shock Wave! She breaks out of my first Great Ball but I catch her with the second. While I would have liked a male, this could do. I name her Dusk and send her to the PC for possible later usage.

Back to healing circle. I run into two Cubones in a row there, though I have no need of them since I have Sandy.

Up to 7F to deal with Team Rocket!

Zapper is back out front for the first grunt’s Zubats. He OHKOs these with Shock Wave. He also OHKOs the guy’s Golbat. That’s my boy, Zapper!

I put Sandy up front for the second grunt, forgetting that Koffing has Levitate. The grunt is trying to act civil, lol. Sandy gets poisoned with Smog, so I send Torch in to beat the Koffing. Torch gets poisoned too but he OHKOs the Koffing with Flamethrower. I send Speckle in to take out the Drowzee afterward.

Zapper is back up front for the third grunt. Zapper grows to Level 29. Switch to Savage for the Rattata and Raticate so she gets some EXP too. OHKOs all around.

Congrats, we’ve saved Mr. Fuji! He’ll reward us with a PokeFlute, which we can use on the two Snorlax blocking off parts of the map. I visit the PokeMart and buy 4 Antidotes, 12 Super Potions, and 20 Great Balls.

Now to run back to where we got the Fly HM on Route 16, west of Celadon City. I’m going to head to Fuchsia City first, rather than go straight to Saffron City. This, of course, requires waking up a Snorlax.

I put Savage up front because her Fighting-type moves will be much more effective against the Snorlax than Cleo’s will be. Catching this guy isn’t a high priority since there’s another one, as well as the mandatory one in X/Y. Low Kick knocks it down to a few HP. I KO this one with Karate Chop and Savage grows to Level 29.

Going through the gateway puts me on Route 16, Cycling Road. In-game time is 13 hours, 19 minutes. Next time we’ll deal with all the bikers here.

Minus: Kanto 8

Into Team Rocket’s base we go!

Savage (Mankey) finally grows to Level 28 and evolves on B2 floor after fighting the first grunt on that floor. Yay!

The second grunt in the maze got beaten by Cleo (Nidoqueen). His Raticate was knocked down to the red by Double Kick and then he got poisoned by Cleo’s ability when he used Hyper Fang on her. He knocked himself out that turn from poison. Cleo grew to Level 25 from that battle.

I finally get the Lift Key. After this, I heal my ‘mons for safety. Time to go through the other spin pad maze here on B2F. Now up the stairs to take on two more grunts. Cleo defeats the first one, poisoning both Raticate when they used Quick Attack on her. Torch took down the other grunt and is so close to Level 34!

Back down the stairs and over to the lift to hit B1. Torch defeats the grunt in front of the elevator, hits Level 34, and finally gets Flamethrower. No more Ember here! Off to heal since we’re close to the boss.

Back to the elevator, off to B4 now.  Last two guys before meeting the boss. The guy on the left seems to know us from Mt. Moon, interesting. These guys both use Ground and Poison-types, so Speckle and Torch defeat them. Speckle becomes Level 28. The boss doors open.

Time to fight Team Rocket boss Giovanni. I lead off with Speckle due to his Rock/Ground-type preference. Speckle becomes Level 29 after beating his Rhyhorn. I use Cleo on Kangaskhan up until it uses three Tail Whips on me, then I put in Savage to defeat it with low Kick. Cleo becomes Level 26. Once Giovanni flees, I grab the Silph Scope.

I leave, heal, and then head back to the Game Corner. All the way to the right, past the cut tree, there is a hidden PP Up in the right-hand upper corner.

Now we go to Route 16, ignore the Snorlax, and go past the cut tree above us. Sandy and Zapper defeat the couple in this area, though it’s a bit challenging to do. Sandy grows to Level 26 afterward. I pass through the house, enter the small house on the other end, and get HM02 Fly. Too bad I can’t use Fly yet.

Back to Celadon City, then through the Underground Path to Lavender Town. Next time, we’ll be taking on Pokémon Tower!

Minus: Kanto 7

Continuing in LeafGreen at long last. 20 days since the draft for the last entry was completed. Here I go again for Minus.

To recap: Minus hit Lavender Town, moving on to Route 7 and Route 8. Just completed a Double Battle. Moving toward Celadon City.

Party recap: Level 27 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 27 Parasect (Speckle), Level 26 Mankey (Savage), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 24 Nidoqueen (Cleo), and Level 10 Meowth (Penny).

Savage just massacred many Meowths. RIP Penny’s kin…

Once I beat all of the trainers on Route 8, I head north to the underground path leading to Route 7. Route 7 has no trainers, so I breeze straight to Celadon City.

After healing, it’s time to run around and collect stuff–Tea, Coin Case, etc. The important plot and side-quest stuff in Celadon.

Going into the back of Celadon Mansion netted me a male Level 25 Eevee. His name is going to be Zapper (originally Zipper but since Plus has a Rattata named Zip, I decided to change it) since I plan to evolve him into a Jolteon. Penny has been boxed temporarily to fetch him.

Off to the MegaMart for shopping. Got a Fire Stone for Lyric and a Thunderstone for Zapper. There’s no real reason to delay, so I evolved Zapper then and there. Then I went to the roof to buy drinks from the vending machine so I can get the TMs for Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard from the thirsty little girl here. I don’t have any use for them at the moment but it wasn’t expensive to get the drinks, so why not?

I go back to the Pokémon Center to switch Zapper for Penny. I’ll need Cut in the Gym. Torch will get exclusive glory here. Time to head for the gym and fight Erika.

Torch starts this gym at Level 29, close to Level 30. Will he evolve after this gym? We’ll see. I doubt it but we’ll see. If not, I’ll be close enough that the Game Corner should put me there.

Torch is OHKOing everything but the Oddish in terms of gym trainers. I have to use Antidotes and Paralyze Heals for status conditions, gaah. Good thing  bought plenty of those before coming in here.

Once I get to Erika and the two girls flanking her, I heal Torch and use an Ether to ensure I have enough Embers to knock them all out. The girls are easy, though the second ones Gloom takes two Embers to beat.

Erika’s Victreebel and Vileplume each take two hits to defeat. Tangela is an OHKO. I only had to use one Paralyze Heal, against Victreebel. Torch has grown to Level 33 in this gym. I now have the Rainbow Badge and the Giga Drain TM.

After I heal, it’s time to head to the Game Corner. I grab up the 100 coins near the print machine and the 50 coins gained from talking to all the gamers. Then I bought a further 600 from the counter with $12000 I had on-hand. Going around and pressing A on every square in the room will net you 240 coins too. While I’m not too interested in the item prizes, the TMs, Dratini, and Porygon strike my fancy. I may attempt to get more coins for these later.

Time to go switch Penny for Zapper sice we’ll be taking on Team Rocket now. I teach him the Shock Wave TM that  have since I cannot acquire a Thunderbolt TM and Zapper will need Electric-type moves to beat Flying-types for me.

My team currently: Level 33 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 27 Parasect (Speckle), Level 26 Mankey (Savage), Level 25 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 24 Nidoqueen (Cleo), and Level 25 Jolteon (Zapper).

Talking to the Rocket grunt at the back prompts the usual villain fight. Zapper 2HKOs the Zubat and Savage grows to Level 27. I activate the switch and head down into Team Rocket’s Secret Hideout.

Minus: Kanto 6

Ooh! Penny got me a Rare Candy just as I was about to enter Rock Tunnel. Sometimes I really love Pickup!

Got Cleo the Nidoqueen up front so she can keep leveling up. Savage the Mankey is next up for back-up. Let’s get into Rock Tunnel!

Running from all the wild ‘mons so I can save my Fighting move PP for trainers. Might use my Repels if encounters get too numerous.

Once Cleo hits Level 24, I switch her out for Savage so she can level up too. Running from wilds ‘mons has yet to fail. Yay!

Found the Rock Slide move tutor. I decided to teach Cleo Rock Slide so she can help Sandy against Fire-types.

And there! Out of Rock Tunnel!

Of course, there are still trainers to beat before I can enter Lavender Town so I’ll do that.

And now I’m in Lavender Town! Hooray!

My team currently: Level 27 Parasect (Speckle), Level 26 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 25 Mankey (Savage), Level 24 Nidoqueen (Cleo), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), and Level 10 Meowth. In-game time is 9 hours 11 minutes.

Nothing much to do in Lavender Town right now aside from fighting Blue in the tower, so I’ll just move on west to Route 7 and 8 to train more. I have Savage out front so I can hopefully get her to evolve into a Primeape. I will attempt to catch a Vulpix here too…because I love Vulpix…

Used a Great Ball to catch a Level 15 male Vulpix named Lyric. He won’t be used much since I have Torch as my primary Fire-type, but I’ve always loved Vulpix and Ninetales. Boxed for the moment until I get a Fire Stone and decide to level him up appropriately.

First Double Battle was easy to beat. Savage and Cleo took those Normal-types out fast.

Minus: Kanto 5

I’ve decided to play through LeafGreen entirely instead of switching back and forth between FR and LG. I’ll pick up FR right after LG is done, so I can complete Minus’ journey and know what happens to her since she is the primary fighter in my story.

So I’m on Route 11 just past Vermilion City. I’m at 6 hours 43 minutes in the game. My team consists of a Level 23 Charmeleon (Torch), a Level 24 Parasect (Speckle), a Level 22 Sandslash (Sandy), a Level 16 Mankey (Savage), and a Level 10 Meowth (Penny) who carries Cut for my team right now. I have Savage up front so she can gain some levels.

I’m rapidly recalling how effective Sandy is against most of the trainer ‘mons in this area–Fire, Poison, Electric… Geez!

I leave the area with Savage at Level 20 and Sandy at Level 24. I can’t go east thanks to the Snorlax and I only have 11 ‘mons in my Dex, so no Itemfinder right now. I’ll need to double back later for it.

All I can do is go heal in Vermilion and then go into Diglett’s Cave. Putting Speckle up front due to Arena Trap. I have no interest in catching a Diglett or Dugtrio right now since Sandy covers all my Ground-type needs currently.

Fighting four Diglett put Speckle to Level 25. Then I encountered a Level 29 Dugtrio that nearly killed Speckle with Fury Swipes and Sand Tomb. I may have caught it if Bullet Seed wasn’t a multi-hit attack and Effect Spore wasn’t so random. It fell asleep at 3HP right before Bullet Seed hit it. Oh well…

Now I’m in the area of Pewter City I couldn’t get to because I didn’t have Cut. I got no Abra, so no Mr. Mime trade for me. Enter Pewter City, heal, then go to the house by the museum and get the Old Amber. Now back to that area of Pewter City, go to the south Cut tree, and get the Flash HM from the Professor’s Aide because I’ve caught more than 10 ‘mons. Yay!

After some serious thought, I’ve decided to simply catch Plus’ Nidoran female Cleo in LeafGreen rather than wait to get to Fuchsia City. So off to Route 3 to get Cleo. Good thing I didn’t level Penny up. She should be able to catch Cleo easily.

And she did. One critical hit Scratch, some poison damage, and two Poke Balls. Cleo will be put at the head of my party once we get back through Diglett’s Cave so she can be a Nidoqueen ASAP.

Used two Repels to race through Diglett’s Cave on the way back. Back in Vermilion City. Cleo is at the front of the party now. Also taught Penny Flash so Rock Tunnel isn’t as difficult to get through. Run back to Cerulean City through the underground path and exchange my Bike Voucher for a bicycle.

I was tempted to try and catch an Abra to replace Flutter, but Sandy should be good enough to get through Koga’s Gym. And he’s a good ways away right now, so I shouldn’t worry about him.

Through the robbed house I go and into Route 9 past the Cut tree. Now to battle Route 9’s trainers!

My team: Level 25 Parasect (Speckle), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 23 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 20 Mankey (Savage), Level 10 Meowth (Penny), and Level 6 Nidoran female (Cleo).

Cleo evolves into Nidorina three trainers from the end of the route. I evolved her immediately after that with a Moon Stone into a Nidoqueen. I used her on the remaining three trainers since all of them had Pokémon weak to Fighting moves on their teams. Woot woot for Double Kick!

After that’s done, keeping moving forward to the Pokémon Center ahead on Route 10 to heal. There’s another Aide here but I don’t have 20 ‘mons, so I’ll need to come back later for the Everstone he has. There’s also another trainer in front of Rock Tunnel, who I beat easily with Sandy and Cleo.

My team currently: Level 25 Charmeleon (Torch), Level 25 Parasect (Speckle), Level 24 Sandslash (Sandy), Level 20 Mankey (Savage), Level 19 Nidoqueen (Cleo), and Level 10 Meowth (Penny) with the Cut and Flash HMs on her. I’m at 8 hours 15 minutes in-game.

Minus: Kanto 4

Going on to Route 6 with this team: Level 9 Sandshrew (Sandy), Level 15 Mankey (Savage), Level 21 Charmeleon (Torch), and Level 21 Paras (Speckle)

I decided that I would have Minus catch a Meowth in honor of the one that is in the house in Alola, Gen 7. Whether this one will be that Meowth or not is unknown to me right now. I’m catching a female in case it is not that Meowth. It is a Level 10 female Meowth named Penny, for the coin on her head obviously.

Cue another run to Cerulean City to heal, then onto fighting all of the Route 6 trainers. Sandy will be up front, switch-training so she can be strong enough to defeat Lt. Surge at the Vermilion Gym.

Level 10 Sandy took out a Picnicker’s Level 16 Pikachu all by herself with Dig and Scratch. Yay!

Defeated all of the Route 6 trainers. Sandy is Level 13 and Torch is Level 22. Enter Vermilion City and heal. Get the Bike Voucher, Old Rod, and Vs Seeker from in town. Buy a bunch of Super Potions and Poké Balls.

Off to the S.S. Anne! I’m so glad there is a healing lady here because there are so many battles in this place!

Speckle seems to have overcome his tendency to only hit twice with Bullet Seed. He also dodges confusion or is immune to the effect completely. And Level 18 Sandy managed to OHKO a Level 23 Pikachu on the ship!

These are my levels after finishing all of the trainers on the ship: Level 20 Sandshrew (Sandy), Level 10 Meowth (Penny), Level 16 Mankey (Savage), Level 23 Paras (Speckle), and Level 22 Charmeleon (Torch). I’m at 6 hours 6 minutes in the game.

Off to heal. Now to face my rival, Blue. Pidgeotto was defeated by Torch with Ember, though Sand-Attack made Torch miss a lot of his attacks. Speckle took Wartortle down with Bullet Seed. I tried to use Savage for Raticate but it managed to knock her out with two Hyper Fangs, so Torch finished it off with Scratch since Savage got it to low health with Karate Chop. Speckle took down Kadabra with two Leech Life attacks.

Speckle evolved right after the rival battle into Parasect. I’ve never trained or evolved one before. Happy day!

Went up to the Captain’s room, rubbed his back, and got the Cut HM. I taught it to Penny so I can get into Vermilion Gym. Cue one final heal on the ship and off we go. Bye S.S. Anne!

Bought some Super Potions, Poke Balls, and Paralyze Heals. Then cut the tree down by the gym and go in. Sandy is up front to hopefully OHKO all the trainer ‘mons. I’ve got Torch on standby for the Magnemites and Voltorbs that may cause trouble.

And Sandy OHKOs everything with Dig, even the Engineer’s Voltorb and Magnemite. Now I need to survive this puzzle, which I’ve never done and have heard is frustrating as all get-out. Gaaah! Starting at 6 hours 29 minutes in the game.

It took three attempts to get it both right. If I picked a bin I did not check for the second, I got it wrong. It was always a bin I had already checked for the second switch. Wow… At 6 hours 32 minutes in the game.

Now to face Lt. Surge. His Raichu is all I’m worried about, pretty sure I can OHKO everything else he has.

OHKO Voltorb. OHKO Pikachu, despite two Double Teams raising its evasion. Fail to OKHO Raichu, triggering the Super Potion. Cue lots of Double Team use and a miss from Dig. Cue a third Dig that crits and defeats the Raichu in one hit. Oh yeah!

Sandy evolves into a Sandslash after this battle and is nearly Level 23.

Get the badge and TM, go heal, and head for Route 11 to the east. Save game.