Wonder Trading in Moon (again)

I’ve been WTing a lot and have gotten plenty of cool things. Lots of shinies. I thought I may as well publish this newest session since I’m here, doing a lot of nothing.


Tyrogue, bred in my efforts to get a Hitmontop. Unneeded now that Hitmontop has been acquired (been filling my PokeBank Dex, got 660+ ‘mons currently). …Got a Pancham! Wild-caught, ugh. Back you go into the WT system! …Got a Psyduck! Also wild-caught, ugh. Back with you! …Got a Pikipek! Who wants to bet it’s wild-caught? It is! Back! (All P-names so far, wow) …Got a Carbink! PokePelago Carbink, I’m betting. Nope, wild-caught.

…Let’s just WT my stuff one at a time and see what happens. Before the above paragraph gets massive…

Starting with this wild-caught Carbink. …Got a Rowlet! Japanese Rowlet. Hope it’s not the generic starter Rowlet. And…it is. Ugh.

Another Tyrogue, bred for the Hitmontop. …Got another Rowlet. What is with these WT Rowlets?! I get it, Rowlet is popular! German and generic. Ugh.

Hitmonchan that failed to be a Hitmontop. …Got (if it’s another Rowlet, I swear to Arceus!) …an error occurred. Well, better than another Rowlet. Let’s try again! …Got a Lillipup! Named ASIN, hopefully not a play on “a sin”. German and wild-caught. Ugh.

Another Hitmonchan that failed to be Hitmontop. …Got a Magikarp. Another for the Gyarados rebellion (been evolving all WT Magikarp to Gyarados and re-WTing them)!

Hitmonlee that failed to be Hitmontop. …Got a Charjabug! Haven’t seen those in a while. German and wild-caught. KEEPING for shiny breeding later!

Hitmonchan that failed to be Hitmontop. …Got a Horsea! German and bred with Sniper ability. KEEPING for evolving into Seadra!

Tyrogue that is unneeded now that Hitmontop has been evolved. …Got a Cubone. Wild-caught. Ugh, though I still need to evolve myself an Alolan Marowak at some point.

Last Tyrogue bred for Hitmontop. …Got a Cutiefly. Spanish and wild-caught. Ugh.


German Gyarados, Level 23, the first in the Gyarados rebellion this session. …Got a Mimikyu. Who wants to bet it’s a generic bred one? German and generic. Ugh.

Spanish Gyarados, Level 23, Gyarados rebellion. …Got a Slowpoke. Spanish and wild-caught. Ugh.

Another Spanish Gyarados, Level 23, Gyarados rebellion. …Got a Skarmory! Japanese too. From PokePelago. Ugh.

Japanese Gyarados, Level 21, Gyarados rebellion. …Got a Gumshoos. Wild-caught, ugh.

Another Spanish Gyarados, Level 21, Gyarados rebellion. …Got a Japanese Wishiwashi. Wild-caught, ugh.

Korean Gyarados, Level 20, Gyarados rebellion. …Got a Rockruff. Bred with Vital Spirit ability, but no egg moves. Ugh. OT is MalcolmX, lol. Possibly KEEPING, just for the OT name.

Another Spanish Gyarados, Level 20, Gyarados rebellion. …Got a Masquerain. Haven’t seen that in a while either. Wild-caught, ugh.

Another Spanish Gyarados, Level 20, last of the Gyarados rebellion this session. …Got an Alolan Raticate. Probably wild-caught. French and wild-caught. Ugh.

Random WT stuff

Generic Rowlet. …Got a Popplio! Bred with Perish Song. Sweet. KEEPING!

Level 1 Grubbin, nothing special. …Got a Japanese generic Rowlet. Ugh.

Japanese generic Popplio. …Got a Popplio. lol. Named Robball. German generic but it’s carrying a Strange Souvenir item.  Weird. Took the item, but I’m not keeping the ‘mon. Robball is the German name so it won’t stay when it evolves. 😦

Wild-caught Surskit. …Got an Alolan Raticate. Probably wild-caught. And it is. Ugh.

Wild-caught Japanese Trumbeak. …Got a Sandygast! Haven’t seen that in a while. Wild-caught and not foreign, though. Ugh.

Wild-caught Yungoos. …Got a wild-caught Caterpie. Ugh.

Got four more boxes of stuff but I’ve got to go. Hope to write another session soon!


WTing again, last three boxes

Last three boxes of junk WTs currently. Let’s see if I can get through it all today!

Sandshrew from Emerald, unneeded. …Masquerain! At least it isn’t another Surskit.

Wild-caught Sandshrew, probably from ORAS. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Bred Poliwag. …A Rockruff! Okay, maybe less of those too? A Midday Lycanroc would be cool instead.

German bred Poliwag at Level 51, good move set but I have a better Poliwrath with that move set. …A Pelipper! Ugh.

Japanese bred Poliwag. …A Magikarp! Ugh.

Wild-caught Electrike from ORAS. …A Pikipek! Again? Starting to pop up too much too, guuh.

Another wild-caught Electrike. …A Miltank! Cool.

Bred Electrike with Lightningrod ability. …A Torkoal! Cool. Named Chartor, lol. As in “charred tortoise”? IDK.

Manectric from my evolve-them-all Y run, named Static. …An Eevee! God, enough of these!

Bred Trapinch, got a better Flygon with its move set. …A Metapod! Really? Really?? Named “female symbol” multiple times, wow. Creative much?

Wild-caught Chinchou. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Bred Dratini with Dragon Rush, already have a few of those bred from HG/SS. …A Misdreavus! Finally something cool and version-exclusive again. Japanese too, ooh.

Korean Sealeo, got a better Walrein. …A Spritzee! Haven’t seen that in a while. Cool.

Bred Shroomish with Bullet Seed. …A Yungoos! Okay, not too horrible but getting up there.

Wild-caught Weedle named String bug. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Level 20 Beedrill that only knows Harden. …A Darkrai! WTF? OMG! It looks shiny too, I think. IT IS SHINY! OMG WTF?! *freaking out* Second shiny over WT and it’s Legendary! OMG! I suddenly feel bad for WTing them a Beedrill that only knows Harden. 😦 Thank you, isleep2late!

Spanish Beedrill. …A Squirtle! At least it isn’t a Charmander.

French Beedrill. …A Staryu! Cool.

Wild-caught French Nincada. …A Trevenant! Ugh, got so many already.

Japanese Shedinja because I have a better one. …A Gible! So many though, ugh.

Male Combee named Vespaqueen. …A Litten! Getting a lot of these, wow. Poor babies. Ooh, German, I’ll be keeping him for shiny breeding.

Another male Combee. …A Miltank! Not bad yet, so cool.

Last male Combee named SIR BUZZ. …A Lillipup! Cool.

Wild-caught Wurmple named Memeolous. …An Abra! Japanese too, cool.

Japanese wild-caught Wurmple. …A Yungoos! Okay, getting too many of them now. Please stop.

Wild-caught Silcoon. …A Masquerain! Again? Geez.

Wild-caught Cascoon. …A Shellder! Getting a few too many of those too. Though this one is Japanese.

Wild-caught Volbeat. …An Alolan Rattata! Ugh.

Japanese wild-caught Durant. …Another Litten! Poor baby.

Level 34 Crustle, unneeded as I have a better one. …Another Abra! This one has Magic Guard, but still kinda ugh. So many.

Bred Growlithe. …Another Mimikyu! So much for being rare, lol.

Another bred Growlithe, have one with its move set already. …A Mudbray! French too. Cool.

Japanese Litleo. …Another Abra! Please stop, please?

Chinese Litleo. …A Japanese Fomantis! Cool.

Bred Ninetales, have better ones and one with its move set. …A Crabrawler! Not bad but it’s getting there.

Wild-caught Pansear. …Another Pikipek! Ugh.

Wild-caught Makuhita from ORAS named Gutsy. …An Alolan Grimer! Okay, these are also starting to become too common in WT for me.

Another wild-caught Makuhita. …A Minior! Blue too. Sweet. Anything but orange again.

Bred Machop, got a better Machamp with its move set. …An Oricorio! Yellow, though. But it’s German, so I’ll keep it.

Wild-caught Deino. …A Wimpod! Cool, these are cool. 🙂

Bred Deino. …A Snorunt! French too. Cool.

Another bred Deino. …A Gastly! Cool. French also, lol.

Wild-caught Druddigon, Level 59. …A Cubone! Okay, getting too many of these now too. Guh.

Bred Spoink. …Another Gible! Ugh. It’s named P. Wow.

Wild-caught Tynamo from my White game, named ChainShock. …A Spearow! Ugh.

Wild-caught Stunfisk with an OT of TheJelliborne. …An Alolan Vulpix! Another in a Beast Ball. Ugh.

Wild-caught Lotad from ORAS. …An Alolan Exeggutor! Cool.

Japanese bred Lotad. …Another Masquerain! Three in one day? WTF? At least this one is German.

Another bred Lotad, this one named Lilypad. …A Ledyba! Okay, enough bugs please? It’s named Hogo, WTF?

Ludicolo from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Polka. …A Gumshoos! At least it isn’t a Yungoos, but still.

Bred Roselia. …A Rowlet! English this time, oh well. Cool.

Wild-caught Roselia from ORAS. …A Rockruff! Okay, not bad yet but still want a Midday Lycanroc. Gah.

Japanese bred Bellsprout. …Another Abra! Please stop, gaaah.

Wild-caught Petilil, Level 39. …A Magikarp! Ugh.

Traded Petilil from my White game, the in-game trade by Dye. …A Rowlet! From a player called Go die. Checking to see if that’s the OT’s name now. It is, wow. Poor baby.

Wild-caught Japanese Carnivine. …A Pichu! Cool, haven’t seen that in here yet.

Wild-caught Spanish Carnivine. …A Togedemaru! That’s maybe my second or third one, so cool.

Wild-caught Flabebe. …A Ledian! Level 27 too. Cool.

Wild-caught Korean Flabebe. …A Misdreavus! Cool, my second one ever in S/M. And it’s Chinese, ooh.

Wild-caught Flabebe named Dicks. …A Cutiefly! Cool.

Wild-caught German Flabebe. …A Grubbin! Cool.

Wild-caught Spanish Flabebe, last one. …Another Magikarp! Ugh.

Japanese bred Aron. …Another Gastly! Okay, maybe getting a few too many of those now too.

Another bred Aron. …A Goomy! Yay! Those are always fun.

Last bred Aron, named IronGodzilla. …An Alolan Meowth! But I have so many now.

Octillery, I’ve got a better one. …An Alolan Diglett! Cool.

Bred Shellder. …Another Alolan Grimer! Please stop, guuuh.

French Crawdaunt. …A Makuhita! That’s okay, I guess.

Quagsire from my evolve-them-all Y run, named Punisher. …A Caterpie! Ugh.

Quagsire from my White game, named Sir Quag but it’s female. …A Yungoos! Ugh.

Bred Skrelp. …A Fearow! Ugh.

Wild-caught Gligar in a Master Ball. …Another Alolan Meowth! Please stop, gaah.

Wild-caught Gligar from my White game, named Grell. …Another Cutiefly! Not bad yet but getting there.

Mamoswine from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Gregory. …An Ariados! Cool, that’s new. French too, double cool.

Wild-caught Sudowoodo from Y evolve-them-all run, named Oddy. …Another Alolan Grimer. Ugh.

French Beartic. …Another Pikipek! Ugh.

Wild-caught Tauros. …Another Gastly! Ugh.

Wild-caught Spinda. …An Absol! Cool, that’s not very common in here. 🙂

Wild-caught Bouffalant. …Another Cutiefly! Ugh.

German bred Minccino. …Another Magikarp! Ugh.

Wild-caught Dunsparce from my White 2 game, named Ross. …Another Mimikyu! Seriously? At least this one is Japanese, not English.

Japanese Ditto, Level 30. …Another Wingull! Ugh.

Level 49 wild-caught Ditto. …A Pelipper! Ugh.

Bred Sneasel. …Another Wingull! Ugh.

Level 40 wild-caught Sneasel. …A Litwick! Cool.


Bred Sneasel. …A Luvdisc! Cool.

AND THAT IS IT!! That was everything I had left of my junk WT ‘mons!

Now I get to sort through them, release any wild-caught ones and ones that I already have, and send what I’m keeping to PokeBank. Then maybe I’ll get around to actually shiny breeding stuff and WTing all the extras from that.

But we’ll see.

WTing again, sorry for delay

Sorry for the big delay, it’s been crazy busy over here. I finished organizing my WT stuff and actually WTed some of it last weekend. I still have 8 boxes left of stuff to WT, of course.

I’ve decided to WT, check to see if it’s worth keeping, and release anything wild-caught or that I already have the moveset of. That has cut down on my stuff a lot. It took a long time to run through my current batch from last weekend but I did it.

Now for what I have left to WT. Let’s see if I get anything good!

I actually have this pesky Quilladin from last weekend that utterly refused to be WTed due to some error. Gonna try again and see if he goes this time or if I’m stuck with him.

…Nope, still won’t go. Message says “It seems there is a problem with the Pokémon.” Guess I’m keeping you, Peanut.

Okay, onto stuff that I know should WT easily!

Level 39 Azumarill named Prance from my evolve-them-all run in Y. …Got another Charmander, gaaah!

Another Azumarill. …A Magikarp, gdi! I got rid of so many of those last weekend!

A Japanese Mawile. …A Torkoal! Got a few of those but it’s nice to see something uncommon.

A bred Mawile that I already have one of. …An Alolan Grimer. I have maybe two of those, so that’s cool.

Another bred Mawile, exact same as the last but with a different ability. …A Zubat! Really? Again, something I have a ton of, gdi.

Another bred Mawile, exact same as the last two but Japanese. …A Roselia! That’s new! German too, sweet!

Here come the flood of local and foreign bred Honedges from X/Y WTing. Got 8 of them here to get rid of.

One. …Alolan Grimer again!

Two. …Lillipup! I can deal with that, even if I already have a few.

Three. …A Tauros! Cool!

Four. …A Fearow! Haven’t seen that in a while. Japanese too!

Five. …A Ledyba! Nothing special, got a Ledian already, but I can deal with that.

Six. …A Korean Carbink! Gaaaaah! CAAAAARBIIIIIIINK!! *flashback rage*

Seven. …Another Charmander! Gaaaah!

And eight, last one. …A Drowzee! That’s new, sweet. PokeDex entry~!

Now back to your regularly-scheduled WTing experience…until the next flood trade.

An Armaldo whose moveset I already have in my personal Armaldo. …An Alolan Raticate! I already have one but cool. And there’s a Paris in Mexico too? That’s where the kid I traded to listed they were from. WTF?

A bred Onix that I already have. …A Cubone! Already have quite a few of those, but oh well.

Another Onix, this one trained and partially HM-slaved. …A red Oricorio! I’ve got a bred one but I’m glad to see any non-yellow Oricorio.

A Geodude named the rock, no capitals, just “the rock” with a bunch of spaces after it. …An Alolan Meowth! I have a bunch of those already, gdi.

A Level 57 Golem whose moveset I already have in another Golem. …A Midnight Lycanroc! OMG I needed one of those! Yeeeeees! *celebration*

A Japanese Golem that I don’t need. …Another Litten!

Japanese Bidoof. …A Spanish Togedemaru! Cool!

Another Bidoof. …A Spanish Gible! So many!

WTed some stuff while I was doing stuff with family a bit ago, only 13 ‘mons. Only cool things I got were a Hakamo-o and a Japanese Fomantis. Eeee!

Now back to WTing here.

Alolan Exeggutor because I have one already. …A Gigalith! Holy! Really?? Italian too, sweet.

Spanish Fletchling because I’ve got enough of that line of ‘mons. …A Fletchling! Wow! Spanish Fletchling for a Japanese Fletchling, wtf?

Ducklett because I’ve got a better one that’s evolved. …A Wimpod! Bred too, it looks like. Sweet!

A bred Hawlucha because I have one with its move set. …A Snorlax! Level 1, though. Oh well.

Another bred Hawlucha. …A Horsea! Like I didn’t get rid of most of those last post.

A wild-caught Hawlucha. …A Spearow! Japanese one.

Last Hawlucha, a bred one. …A Gible! In a Beast Ball too. Wow.

Wild-caught Noctowl from X/Y WTing. …A Charmander! Please stop, I have too many still!

Pidgey because I’ve got better ones that are evolved. …A Mareanie! This is, what, my fifth one so far. Geez.

Another Pidgey. …A Klefki! Like I don’t have a good number of those too.

Wingull because I have better evolved ones. …A Shellder! Uncommon but cool.

ORAS-caught Wingull with Roost from my AS file. …A Cubone! Japanese too. Sweet.

Wild-caught Wingull. …A Caterpie! *disappointed whoop*

Bred Scyther because I have one with its move set. …A Fearow! Again?

Another bred Scyther, same reason as above. …A Morelull! I forgot that existed. Wow.

Wild-caught Chatot from X/Y. …A Wishiwashi! One of my Champion team ‘mons is a Wishiwashi. Oh, this one is foreign, cool.

Bred Roggenrola because I have better ones, evolved and unevolved. …An Alolan Vulpix! In a Beast Ball too. Seriously, I’ve never gotten an Alolan Sandshrew but lots of Alolan Vulpixes in WT. WTF?

Wild-caught Zubat. …A Gible! Okay, really, enough of those too please.

Wild-caught Golbat. …A Scyther! Again?

Another Golbat, this one bred and evolved. …A Salandit! Ten bucks says it’s male. Aaaaaaand it’s male. Called it.

Wild-caught Golbat. …A Japanese Magikarp! So many of these, omg.

Last wild-caught Golbat. …A Trumbeak! Japanese too, ooooh.

Japanese bred Cottonee, I’ve got a better one. …a Japanese Zubat. Wow.

Wild-caught Tentacruel. …A Fletchling! Really, please stop.

Wild-caught Finneon. …Another Wishwashi! Fish for fish, lol.

Malamar. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Another Malamar. …A Grubbin! Haven’t seen one of those in a while.

Miltank from my evolve-them-all run in Y, named Glinda. …A Salandit! Another male? Yep, another male. Wow.

Sunkern from my White 2 game. …An Electrike! Cool.

Bred Skorupi. …An Alolan Rattata! I have so many of those now, omg.

Bred Drapion. …A Pelipper! *disappointed whoop* Seriously, stop.

Joltik named Big-SPIDER. …A Surskit! In an Ultra Ball? WTF?

Bred Galvantula. …A Rockruff! Cool.

Seaking with an OT named Barrel King. …A Slowpoke! Its Moon Dex entry is so sad.

Bred Shinx with Fire Fang. …A Delibird! Really?

Luxray, got my awesome one from Platinum so this regular one is unneeded. …A Japanese Golduck! That’s new. Cool.

Bred Zorua. …A Phantump! New Dex entry. Cool. And…it instantly evolved into Trevenant, despite me pressing B a million times. This has happened before in WTing. GDI.

Wild-caught X/Y Zoroark. …A Chansey! Cool. Another new Dex entry.

Bred Zoroark. …An Eevee! So many of these too, omg.

Another bred Zoroark. …Another Eevee! Stop it please.

Wild-caught X/Y Zoroark, last one. …A Turtonator! Yes! I don’t have one yet! Yay! Wait. Its dung is explosive? WTF?

Bred Bunnelby. …A Wingull! Ugh.

Wild-caught X/Y Bunnelby. …A Chimchar! Cool. I’ve gotten maybe two before, so it’s nice.

French Bunnelby. …A Staryu! Cool.

Diggersby, got a better one. …An Alolan Vulpix! Chinese too.

Bred Buneary with Ice Punch, got a Lopunny with the elemental punches on it already so this one is unneeded. …A Fearow! Again? Gaaah.

Bred Buneary with Sweet Kiss. …A Fletchling! Stop please, gaaah.

Wild-caught Surskit from ORAS. …A Salamence! Holy crud! Yes! Japanese too. Looked and it’s an SOS Salamence, Level 11. Sweet!

Masquerain from ORAS. …A Wingull! Okay, really, just stop.

Nidorina from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Matriarch. …A Petilil! Not bad. Chinese too.

Cubone, one of four. …Another Alolan Vulpix!

Spanish Cubone. …Another Wingull!

Marowak from evolve-them-all run, named Brave. …A Pikipek! Japanese too, but I have a lot now. Gaaah!

Absol from my Emerald game, got better ones. …Another Magikarp! In a Beast ball!

Bred Gastly. …A Charjabug! Cool, new Dex entry.

Another bred Gasty. …Another Rockruff! If only them being from the opposite game was enough of a requirement to get their Lycanroc evo. 😦

Bred Haunter, somebody be getting a Gengar now. …A Sentret! Haven’t seen that in eternity, omg. Japanese too.

Bred Sableye. …Another Pikipek!

Bred Litwick. …A Minior! Another orange one, but still cool.

Medicham from my evolve-them-all Y run, named Bell. …A Gumshoos! Cool move set, Level 58. Named Suck my D. Wow, dude, thanks. *sarcasm* Another perfectly good ‘mon, ruined by a dick.

Granbull. …Another Alolan Vulpix!

Japanese Abra. …A Litwick! Cool. Just got rid of one, but cool.

Another Japanese Abra. …A Crabrawler!

German Abra. …A Mimikyu! Screw running into a wild one, WT is the way to go if you want one.

Abra, last one. …A Bulbasaur! At least it isn’t a Charmander.

Gogoat from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Billy. …A Roggenrola! Cool.

Bred Croagunk. …A Haunter! That is now a Gengar because screw cancelling evolution in WT. At least Gengar is cool.

Wild-caught Gulpin from ORAS. …Another Charmander!

Swalot from my Y evolve-them-all run, named Goop. …A Ledyba! Japanese too, cool.

Wild-caught Snorunt from evolve-them-all run in Y, named Snowball. …A Rowlet! Actually got two last weekend, both Japanese. This one is Japanese too. Cool.

Bred Spanish Snorunt. …Another Shellder!

Bred Italian Snorunt. …A Goldeen! That’s new. Cool.

Wild-caught Lickitung from X/Y. …A Japanese Kangaskhan! Something new. Yay!

Wild-caught Luvdisc. …A Dewpider! Level 1 and Japanese.

Bred Chinese Slowpoke. …Another Cubone!

Bred German Slowpoke. …A Salandit! Another male? Yep.

Bred Spanish Slowpoke. …Another Kangaskhan! Wow. Japanese again too.

French Skitty. …Another Alolan Grimer! Ugh.

Munna from my White game. …A Japanese Absol! Cool.

Audino from my White game. …A Japanese Murkrow! Also cool.

Bred Pangoro, have a better one. …Another Mimikyu! So many, gaah.

Bred Furfrou named 3455. …A Pumpkaboo! That will, sadly, become a Gourgeist thanks to B button failure. GDI.

French Pawniard. …Another Wingull!

Bisharp, evolved from wild-caught, named Pierce. …Another Magikarp! WTF? Seriously?

Wild-caught Kelfki from X/Y. …A Helioptile! Sweet. I love them. Japanese too.

I’ll do the rest later. Night!

Mass WTing event here

Now that the PokeBank update is out, guess what I’m doing~!

Separated all my WT stuff from all my old teams, currently separating WT stuff into keeps and WTing fodders. 24 boxes of stuff to sort through, as of last night. 13 boxes of old teams, event stuff, and absolute-keep stuff, all on PokeBank right now.

Sorted through a box and a half of WT stuff last night that I had transferred to Moon. Got about 3 boxes of stuff I don’t really care for from an old evolve-them-all run I did in X not long after X/Y released. Gonna WT that now and see all the cool stuff I get now!

All in one post too. Only WTing once for each ‘mon, I’ll sort through those this week and re-WT next weekend. lol

Let’s go.

First, a Horsea that I got in WT. I had so many Horseas… Got a Level 1 Mudbray!

German Seadra now, got a Kingdra so I don’t need it. Also have a Japanese Horsea with its exact moveset. …Got a Japanese Golett!

Generic Torchic, nothing special with this one. …Got a German Drifloon!

Another generic Torchic, though this one has Speed Boost. I have quite a few Speed Boost Torchics already. …Got a German Mimikyu! OMG yes! I’ve had so much trouble trying to find one!!

Speed Boost Blaziken next. Again, see above for explanation. This one was just trained and evolved. …Got a Japanese Sandygast! Yet another I had yet to catch myself. Yay!

Another Speed Boost Blaziken. See above, again, for explanation. …Got a Japanese Porygon!

A generic Level 1 Mienfoo next. …Got a Clauncher!

A caught-wild Mienfoo, Level 15. Got no need of it with a Mienshao of my own. …A Honedge! Like I don’t have a dozen of those already but oh well.

A bred Aerodactyl named Screech. Got another with its moveset already. …Got a French Riolu!

A generic revived Aerodactyl. …Got a Squirtle!

A Torkoal named Trent, Level 45. …Got a Charmander! Again, not like I don’t have a dozen of those already. Oh well.

German wild-caught Ralts. …Got a Magnemite! Named Wonderlocke, guess I know where that came from.

Generic wild-caught Ralts. I have many of these, so enjoy. …Got a Mareanie! Another that I didn’t catch yet. Yay!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got a Japanese Pyukumuku!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got an Aipom! Haven’t seen that in a while. Cool!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got another Japanese Sandygast! In a Beast Ball, too!

Another generic wild-caught Ralts. …Got a Noibat!

A Japanese Kirlia, nothing special about it. …Got a Gastly!

A Japanese bred Kirlia, but I already have a Ralts with its exact moveset. …Got a Litten! My second over WT.

A generic Gardevoir, nothing special about it. …Got a Spanish Gible! Again, I have so many of those already.

Another Gardevoir, this one with bred moves that effect stats, which I don’t battle with. …Got a German Yungoos!

Another bred Gardevoir, but I have a Ralts with its moves already. …Got a German Mareanie!

A generic Whiscash that I evolved over on Y. Got bred Barboach so I don’t need it. …Got a French Yungoos!

A Spanish wild-caught Zigzagoon. …Got a Japanese Shellder! At Level 52 too, wtf?!

A generic wild-caught Zigzagoon. …Got a German Magikarp!

A French generic wild-caught Zigzagoon. …Got a Nosepass! One with a numbered name: 1999. Not Level 1, so someone is shiny-chaining? IDK.

Generic Linoone. …Got a French Magikarp!

Another generic Linoone, this one from my evolve-them-all run in Y. Named him Zaggers, lol. …Got a French Charmander!

A generic Feebas. I already have a bred Milotic, so I don’t need it. …Got a German Salandit! Level 41 too, wtf? This will be good for shiny breeding.

Another generic Feebas. …Got an Alolan Vulpix! My second in WTing here. Bred too, sweet!

A bred Larvitar, but I already have a Tyranitar with its egg move. …Got an Eevee! And it’s in a Dive Ball, wtf?

A Japanese bred Larvitar, but my same Tyranitar also has its egg move on it. …Got a Spanish Pikipek!

A generic bred Larvitar. …Got a Japanese Scyther! In a Beast Ball, of course. lol

Generic Delibird, Level 38. …Got a Magnemite! Named iNovableHD. Is that a Youtuber? IDK.

The generic Delibird that I caught in my evolve-them-all run in Y. Named him Postal, lol. …Got an Italian Carbink! Gaaaah! (I have much dislike of Carbinks due to an incident in Y while catching one, it’s a joke to my friends)

A generic Japanese wild-caught Whismur. …Got a German Alolan Diglett!

A generic wild-caught Whismur named CheekyMonkey, at Level 15. …Got a German Baltoy!

A Japanese generic wild-caught Whismur. …Got another Yungoos! So many of these…

A generic Loudred. …Got a Japanese Abra! Yay!

That’s all that I’ve managed to sort. All that is left are the ones I caught and evolved for my evolve-them-all challenge in Y once upon a time. I’ve kept my starters and a few other special ones. The rest will be WTed here. They are all wild-caught from Y, so nothing special but time and a nickname. Trainer OT is Claude.

Exploud, Stereo, Level 40. …Got a Spanish Tepig! In a Beast Ball too, wow.

Druddigon, Thorn, Level 63. …Got a German Abra!

Aggron, Vengeance, Level 42. …Got a Chinese Litleo! That’s new. Haven’t gotten any Chinese ‘mons before.

Skarmory, Ironsides, Level 58. …Got a Japanese Alolan Vulpix!

Dewgong, Stream, Level 30. …Got a German Stufful! Another I had yet to catch myself.

Pidgeot, Ruffle, Level 36. …Got a Japanese Nidoran female!

Ninjask, Hopper, Level 20. …Got a French Magikarp! So many of these too…

Staraptor, Stellar, Level 34. …Got a Japanese Cutiefly!

Spritzee, Cologne, Level 14. Unevolved because I couldn’t trade with a friend. …Got a Popplio! In a Beast Ball too. Sweet!

Krookodile, Sandy, Level 40. …Got a French Finneon!

Cloyster, Grady, Level 25. …Got an Alolan Rattata!

Ampharos, Marshall-tin, Level 30. …Got a Spanish yellow Oricorio!

Mothim, Bernard, Level 20. …Got another Alolan Vulpix! Is there no love for Alolan Sandshrew or something??

Gothitelle, Monet, Level 51. …Got a Japanese Cottonee!

Poliwrath, Spiral, Level 25. …Got a Caterpie!

Shuckle, Sherlocke, Level 44. …Got a Spanish Alolan Meowth!

Seaking, The Baron, Level 33. …Got a Spanish Miltank! What is with all the Spanish stuff today?

Abomasnow, Snowberry, Level 40. …Got a Spanish Vullaby!

Pelipper, Pelly, Level 25. …Got a Smeargle! And it has Razor Leaf on it. Cool.

Yanmega, Radar, Level 33. …Got a French Fletchling. Again, I have so many of those, gaaah.

Cryogonal, Shuro, Level 40. …Got another Spanish Yungoos! *scream*

Liepard, Perfect, Level 36. …Got an Oddish!

Magcargo, Molten, Level 38. …Got a Golbat! I already have so many of those, too.

Beartic, Polar, Level 39. …Got a Rufflet! That’s both of the BW/B2W2 birds for me from today’s WT session, lol.

Crawdaunt, Viceroy, Level 33. …Got another German Magikarp! Gaaaah!

Gengar, Dax, Level 33. …Got a Jangmo-o! Aaaaaah! I needed that one too!

Swoobat, Cupid, Level 43. …Got a Joltik! Eeee! I love those guys! They’re so cute!

Hippowdon, Chub, Level 34. …Got an Alolan Exeggutor! So tall that its head is offscreen in the trade screen, lol. I love that~!

Hawlucha, Luchador, Level 19. …Got a Japanese Lillipup!

Throh, forgot to name him, Level 22. …Got another Alolan Rattata!

Furret, Tommy, Level 16. …Got another Gible!

Vileplume, Wanderus, Level 21. …Got a Spanish Slowpoke. Their PokeDex entry here in Moon is so sad.

Machamp, Macho Man, Level 28. …Got another Alolan Vulpix! So many…

Nidorino, Patriarch, Level 18. …Got a Fennekin! Yay! My fav Gen 6 starter!

Banette, Claude, Level 48. …Got a Japanese Mimikyu! Yay!

Vanilluxe, Vanilla, Level 47. …Got a Korean Scyther! I’ve only ever gotten a few Korean ‘mons, actually.

Lanturn, Lumina, Level 27. …Got a German Alolan Meowth!

Mantine, Zara, Level 28. …Got a Cubone! Wonder if the Marowak will be Alolan or not. Probably, but you never know. I’ll look at his summary later to see.

Corsola, Purity, Level 35. …Got another Popplio! Nobody be WTng any Rowlets, huh? I see how it is.

Alomomola, Nursemaid, Level 35. …Got another Litten! So many of these precious babies!

Wailord, Titanica, Level 40. …Got a French Roggenrola!

Sharpedo, Snicker, Level 30. …Got a Crabrawler!

Tentacruel, Lurk, Level 30. …Got a Minior! Another I hadn’t caught yet. Cool! It’s orange too.

Swanna, Gloria, Level 35. …Got a Granbull!

I’ve still got one box of these ‘mons to trade but that will have to wait until next weekend. I’ve got to go back to the dorm for the week. I hope you enjoyed!

My UBs’ odd friend

So I’ve caught all of the UBs in Moon (and I do mean ALL of them, I didn’t kill a single one of those guys). They’re all in the box now, playing in Poke Pelago.

Mohn, the Poke Pelago owner, says that the UBs all enjoy playing with Helium, a Drifloon that I caught in Melemele Cemetery at the beginning of the game.

…I was going to Wonder Trade Helium…but with that in mind, I think I’ll keep him. To make my UBs happy.