RIP Stephen Hawkings

He died on Pi Day.


He shall be missed. My dad is rolling in his grave.


Got a cheap car

Over the weekend, mom went car-hunting with my brother. His truck is dying so they’re checking out local lots for a good deal. Since it’s tax time, car lots are cutting prices to try and lure in people with extra money from taxes. This also means people are trading in their junk cars for good ones, so we have to be careful.

My brother has found himself a good Jeep Cherokee with a brand new spare tire in the back flooring. Today, he purchased it for roughly $3000. It was not one of the cheaper ones but it runs just the way he needs it to for work coming up in April.

Some of the cars in a local lot, Speed’s Auto, dropped down to $1000. Among these was a “purple” (it looks more like a deep purple-black, not the vivid purple I expected) Alero Oldsmobile. We need an emergency vehicle in case mom’s Blazer ever dies. The engine has been having trouble starting, so we’ve decided to use some of my money get get another car.

While the Alero is the emergency vehicle, it’ll also technically be my car. I’ll be starting and driving it at least once a week when I go home. This will be the car I’ll be practicing driving in so that I can get my license by summer before my permit expires again. I have yet to drive the Alero but there are no immediate problems with it, according to mom and bro when they both test drove it. It has a flat but that should be fixed by tomorrow when mom goes to pick it up.

Still nervous about the driving thing but with me graduating this year, I need to get around so I can get to work. Unless I can figure out the busing system here, which is unnecessarily complicated compared to how mom remembers it. Hopefully the Alero drives well for me…

RIP Loki

On Friday, January 26 of 2018, my mother’s chinchilla Loki died. He passed away in his sleep. He gave his last laugh around that afternoon and likely died shortly after.

Loki has been in my family since late elementary school. He was roughly 7 years old when we got him, which would make him around 20 years old as of his death. My mother loved him dearly despite his grumpy nature.

He has been wrapped in his blankets and sprinkled with his volcano ash. He is now in a box in the garden shed, where he will wait for spring when the ground thaws so we can give him a proper burial.

RIP Loki, you shall be missed.


Goodbye 2017, Goodbye YoD

Title says it all. New year, 2018. 2017 is gone and hopefully YoD goes away with it.

2017 wasn’t the best of years. YoD made it worse, despite technically starting in October of 2016.

YoD = Year of Death

2018 will be a fresh year. A better year, I hope.

I finish school and will graduate come spring. Hopefully I can get an on-campus job so I’m making steady pay right out of school. I’ll be working to get my driver’s license this summer, despite my utter fear of cars. Mom will be getting a job to help with bills now that the holiday layoff is ending. Bro starts trucking again in April and should lighten the bulk of bills with his pay until winter hits again.

Goodbye 2017. Goodbye YoD. You will not be missed. At all.


Thanks, Jo

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 25 years old. My morning was good. My evening was great.

My afternoon sucked.

Thanks to Jo, mom’s boyfriend. Jonas Bustad. There, I put your name here fully.

Yesterday, he decided to move out of the house. Packed up and left. He still has a truck and RV to collect from our house. And even then, he still had the balls to sign a birthday card for me.

I don’t recall if I put it here. Back in March of this year, Jo “broke up” with my mother while he was on vacation in Florida. It was the first day of spring break. The only break I got that semester. Before, I thought it was accidental that he just-so-happened to pick the start of spring break to decide to cause panic in me. I got no break that semester. I grabbed every hour I could and worked my butt of that week under the belief that Jo was leaving and our main source of income was gone. That later proved untrue when he apologized to my mom and asked for a second chance…after spring break was over.

I never told him that he took away my spring break. I did last night over Skype. He doesn’t check his Skype anymore. I wish he did.

Now he tried to take my birthday. He can’t even deny that he timed it this time. He was home for five days since Knife River’s season ended. He could’ve left then. Why did he choose my birthday? Why?

I’ve never done anything to him. I don’t get why he does this to me.

After having lunch with my grandparents, I decided to forget Jo. Though I was worried (and still am), mom and I will make it through. We always do. We’ll just do it without the drama Jo causes.

I won’t let him ruin my life. He didn’t take my birthday away. He’s not taking anything again.



Yes, this is late. Blame cruddy dorm internet.

So, I participated in the dorm trick-or-treat event on the 31st in Linden Hall. I was one of four people on my wing’s floor, 2B, to pass out candy. I wore my Maskimal heads as a costume because I had nothing else and I like them. Mostly my black cat and tiger heads because I like cats.

An hour before the event started, my mother and brother arrived to join me! Mom wore a few of my other Maskimal heads (T-rex, shark, and panda) while my brother covered himself in fake blood, as he usually does. My bathroom sink looked awful. He flicks his fingers while he paints himself, so there were red spots everywhere on the walls and mirror. He even got spots on the ceiling! Thankfully, nothing stained.

The trick-or-treat event lasts two hours. They stayed with me that long to pass out candy. I had to unmask quite a few times because my Maskimal tiger, the primary head that I wore, was actually scary to some of the younger children.

My floor ran out of candy, as predicted. All but me. I still had a Walmart bag full of bags of candy. That is currently being used as free snackage for anime club since I’m “snack lady” there. lol

Overall, a very fulfilling Halloween. It was nice to see bro…even if he bloodied up my bathroom…


Winter Ferrets

Since we now have snow, mom and I decided to take Whisper and Snickett, our two baby ferrets, outside to experience it. We’ve done this to all of our ferrets for their first winter. Bandit was exempt this year because she is balding and has seen snow more than enough in her eight years of life.

We took the two babies out and set them on the trampoline so we could better corral them. Predictably, they freaked out at the snow and ran all over. They even dove off the trampoline a few times to try and escape the cold. We had to do these takes twice as the first time, both cameras failed to record footage.

I slipped in the snow during take one. I haven’t done that since the start of high school…