Thanks, Jo

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 25 years old. My morning was good. My evening was great.

My afternoon sucked.

Thanks to Jo, mom’s boyfriend. Jonas Bustad. There, I put your name here fully.

Yesterday, he decided to move out of the house. Packed up and left. He still has a truck and RV to collect from our house. And even then, he still had the balls to sign a birthday card for me.

I don’t recall if I put it here. Back in March of this year, Jo “broke up” with my mother while he was on vacation in Florida. It was the first day of spring break. The only break I got that semester. Before, I thought it was accidental that he just-so-happened to pick the start of spring break to decide to cause panic in me. I got no break that semester. I grabbed every hour I could and worked my butt of that week under the belief that Jo was leaving and our main source of income was gone. That later proved untrue when he apologized to my mom and asked for a second chance…after spring break was over.

I never told him that he took away my spring break. I did last night over Skype. He doesn’t check his Skype anymore. I wish he did.

Now he tried to take my birthday. He can’t even deny that he timed it this time. He was home for five days since Knife River’s season ended. He could’ve left then. Why did he choose my birthday? Why?

I’ve never done anything to him. I don’t get why he does this to me.

After having lunch with my grandparents, I decided to forget Jo. Though I was worried (and still am), mom and I will make it through. We always do. We’ll just do it without the drama Jo causes.

I won’t let him ruin my life. He didn’t take my birthday away. He’s not taking anything again.



Yes, this is late. Blame cruddy dorm internet.

So, I participated in the dorm trick-or-treat event on the 31st in Linden Hall. I was one of four people on my wing’s floor, 2B, to pass out candy. I wore my Maskimal heads as a costume because I had nothing else and I like them. Mostly my black cat and tiger heads because I like cats.

An hour before the event started, my mother and brother arrived to join me! Mom wore a few of my other Maskimal heads (T-rex, shark, and panda) while my brother covered himself in fake blood, as he usually does. My bathroom sink looked awful. He flicks his fingers while he paints himself, so there were red spots everywhere on the walls and mirror. He even got spots on the ceiling! Thankfully, nothing stained.

The trick-or-treat event lasts two hours. They stayed with me that long to pass out candy. I had to unmask quite a few times because my Maskimal tiger, the primary head that I wore, was actually scary to some of the younger children.

My floor ran out of candy, as predicted. All but me. I still had a Walmart bag full of bags of candy. That is currently being used as free snackage for anime club since I’m “snack lady” there. lol

Overall, a very fulfilling Halloween. It was nice to see bro…even if he bloodied up my bathroom…

Winter Ferrets

Since we now have snow, mom and I decided to take Whisper and Snickett, our two baby ferrets, outside to experience it. We’ve done this to all of our ferrets for their first winter. Bandit was exempt this year because she is balding and has seen snow more than enough in her eight years of life.

We took the two babies out and set them on the trampoline so we could better corral them. Predictably, they freaked out at the snow and ran all over. They even dove off the trampoline a few times to try and escape the cold. We had to do these takes twice as the first time, both cameras failed to record footage.

I slipped in the snow during take one. I haven’t done that since the start of high school…

Snow is here, ugh

It started snowing today. First it was just cloudy and cold. then it started to rain around 2pm. Then it was snowing lightly an hour later. At about 5pm, the snow started sticking to the ground. Currently it is thickly covering the ground in white, leaving sidewalks wet and slippery.

I’m not ready for winter. I was just getting used to autumn. Why must it always snow near my birthday?

At least we got the furnace fixed Wednesday night. We’ll definitely need it.

Hanging in There

I’ve got my classes registered for spring 2018. Just got to figure out the Electronic Rhetoric capstone. That will boost my certificate to a minor and complete that for me. Woo!

I got to see my brother again today. He hung out with mom until I got out of class, then we went to A&W. The burgers there are good. So are the sundaes.

He’s moved out to Bagley. Or his girlfriend, her best friend and her boyfriend, have officially. Brother is supposed to be joining them…but he and his girlfriend have been fighting a lot. He’s waiting to see what happens with Jo before making his move, but he’s already planning to come back home. Mom thinks Jo won’t stay this winter, that he’ll take the RV and go.

I’m not sure what to think. I’m trying not to think about it. Or stress about it, more like. I have exams and projects and assignments to worry about. Everyone tells me not to worry, that we’ll work things out if Jo does take off. I’m trying not to have a meltdown over what will happen once I’m out of school. I did that last year. It doesn’t help.

I’m hoping to be able to keep my campus job. I’ll need to talk to Paul and Res Life about it. See if they need another GMW. I’ve got it in good so far, 5 years of student GMW experience in four different buildings. Hopefully that will get me through and secure me something once I graduate in May. I can’t afford to go without a job if Jo leaves. I’m bringing in the most income currently. And if bro can’t secure something soon and he comes home…

My birthday is coming up. It’s November 2nd. Hopefully nobody messes with it too badly. Hoping I can get together with friends and have no drama. Hoping my Duluth pal can get back here to visit us again.

Hoping is all I can do. Optimism is my thing. Just gotta keep going with it. 🙂


So I saw the Orionid meteors over the weekend. Finally caught them Saturday night. It has been cloudy most of the week so I was unable to see them until now. And right during the peak too. It was cool!

I thought they’d be more vibrant. I only really saw sparks in the sky. They were coming from Halley’s comet, apparently.

Short days

Yesterday it was 6:10PM Central time…and it was getting dark. It had gotten light out at about 7-8AM that day. We now officially have less than twelve hours of light.

There was apparently a meteor shower last night. I couldn’t see it from my place because it was really cloudy. It stormed briefly at about 3AM, lots of wind and rain. Yikes.

The ferrets keep breaking into my closet. We’re pretty sure Bandit is deaf now. She isn’t reacting to our voices or the squeaker toy that we trained her on as a baby. Whisper reacts over half the time to the squeaker toy. Snickett doesn’t get it yet, but she will with more training.

I woke up at 2:24PM today. Latest I’ve ever slept in that I can recall. Stayed up until 5AM last night RPing with friends. Yikes.