This day again

On this day, back in 1999, my father died of cancer. It is both a sad and a happy time. Autumn always feels this way. Summer leaves. Winter is on its way. SAD sets in.

My dad getting ill brought us up to Minnesota. He died here in my grandmother’s house on my first day of first grade in Minnesota. He was dead before we returned from school that day.

My bro called me fifteen minutes ago. To check up on me. He’s planning to move. He says he’s getting a three-bedroom place…in case anything happens to me. So I’ll have somewhere to go. This guy with his busted back and a rapidly-deteriorating relationship with his girlfriend… It worries me that he’s so concerned with me, in his situation.

I’m with friends currently, hanging out. My two best guy friends from middle school are behind me, playing video games. I haven’t seen one since July when he moved to Duluth. The other is suffering from depression, just like my bro. The Knife River season has one week left and then Jo is home…and we’re not even sure how long he’ll stay this time. This winter is almost guaranteed to be the rockiest one yet.

I’m trying not to think too much about the bad things. Trying to focus on school. Work. Helping mom clean out the garage and sheds. Caring for my ferrets. Staying happy. Playing Pokémon (got my third shiny in a row, three weekends in a row, what luck has Moon gifted me?). Things like that that don’t end in tragedy.

For now, though, I’m keeping myself occupied. Trying not to feel sad. Today will be a good day. I declare it to be so. As my high school principal Mr. Anderson used to say, “Make it a great day or not. The choice is yours.”

I choose to make today a great day. A fun day. Nothing can take that from me.



So we got a new ferret. Yes, I have two already. Yes, I did not need another. But…it happened.

Now we have Lemondrop Snickett Sunshine, or Snickett for short. New baby, female white blaze ferret. Two months younger than Whisper and the perfect playmate for her so old lady Bandit can get some rest.

Snickett was given to us by a friend who could not keep her due to family allergies. I was originally only going to look at her…but mom held her and got attached and she came home over the weekend. Thanks, dude (you know who you are). She was originally named Lemony Snickett but mom altered it…but it stayed Snickett nonetheless because she was responding to that already.

So now I have three ferrets. Two babies and an old lady. That litter box is horrible…

Movie Day

So I went to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard today with my brother and mother. It was a good movie. I needed to de-stress from sudden FAFSA stuff and loan promissory note signing.

I got to see my brother’s truck finally. I hadn’t seen it since before the accident. Only pictures. It didn’t look as bad as I’d expected it to. The windshield was the worst, in my opinion.

We’ll hopefully being seeing my brother again soon. He’s getting antsy and fighting with his girlfriend a bunch. Hoping he can stick it through until he can get his doctor’s note and get back to work. That should get him to settle down again.

My mother’s birthday is coming up. I’ve got gift plans. Mom might be planning a memory-making trip since Jo doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything for her. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks to Labor Day being a two-day affair, I’ve only got Wednesday and Thursday classes and work. Yay!


I got to see my brother again since his accident. He came out here this afternoon for a few hours to chat and have dinner. He indeed has a back brace now. It’s actually a neck-back brace combo. It’s pretty uncomfortable for him to wear, so he has it off a lot. Apparently he’s begun moving in his sleep and removing the neck brace. Not good.

He was happy to see his ferret Bandit again. She’s getting old and going bald. We’re not sure if she’ll make it through the rest of this year.

We had dinner together and watched a movie that he recommended–Naked. Really spooky but it’s the repeat-events-over-and-over-until-you-succeed-the-objective plot, so it was interesting. And the title made sense after the first fifteen minutes. I suggest seeing it if you can. It’s up on Netflix.

We ended up having a bonfire in our burn pit near the end of his visit. It was spontaneous because mom was tired of sitting and waiting on his ride to arrive. We wound up setting off some fireworks we had stowed away since bro didn’t get to see any in Fargo at the RV campground. It was a lot of fun.

He left here around seven. It was nice to see him and chat with him. I missed hugging him. He really missed me. We’re planning to catch a movie–Hitman’s Bodyguard–on Tuesday since that’s when $5 movie night is at the theater. And since Labor Day is a 2-day event for me (no class and no work), it works out. Should be fun.

Talked to Bro

I’ve finally gotten to speak to my brother since we brought him home from his accident. He called me this afternoon to attempt to schedule us going to see a movie next week. He’s doing okay, just feeling tired. He’s got a full neck-back brace combo now, so I guess that indeed happened.

He feels bad that he hasn’t been able to see or contacted me since the start of the month. I’m hoping this movie plan goes through successfully. I really miss him and want to be sure that he’s okay.

We’ll probably go see The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Not my kind of movie but the trailer is funny and mom really wants to see it.

Dead Fish

So I went to Diamond Point Park to swing and walk around. I saw dead fish in the grass near the lake. One was just a tail, the other was mutilated.

I’ve seen this every year after college begins. Dead fish strewn inland, torn apart and left in the grass. Maybe it’s the eagles doing it. I’m hoping it’s not anyone irresponsible.

But the dead fish saga lives on…


Another peaceful class day. I’m enjoying this week. No work and half my days only have one 2-hour class.

I’ve been approved for work this semester. That starts next week, Monday through Thursday, 3 hours a day. It’ll be nice to get a paycheck again. lol

I’m trying to play more games now that I’ve got structure with school. Trying not to drop the ball on class readings in the process, of course!

I’ve started up Ever Oasis and that’s been fun. I’m jumping back into Flight Rising, getting my clan of Fae dragons back in shape and working on leveling them up in the Coliseum. Dragon Cave is going on as normal. My next batch of eggs hatch tomorrow at midnight-ish.

Hoping this weekend is drama-free…